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Friday, September 15, 2006

Think and Do Pages


From the "Think & Do" pages of USA Today...

Some new cities outsource city hall

Newly formed cities are giving the keys to city hall to private companies that say they can run a government better than bureaucrats.

Mayors in "contract cities" say they get better services for less money; more flexibility, because private employees can be hired and fired more easily than workers under civil service rules; and lower debt, because they can own fewer buildings and less equipment.
Ah, life in Bushworld.
Sandy Springs, a new Atlanta suburb, hired CH2M Hill to staff all of its departments except police and fire for about $30 million a year. The city of almost 100,000 has only four employees besides police officers and firefighters.

"We wanted to get the most efficient possible use of our tax dollars," Mayor Eva Galambos says.

Also using the model:

• Weston, Fla., contracts with the firm Severn Trent for administrative services and with Broward County for public safety. Weston employs only three people.

• Centennial, Colo., has contractors and about 30 employees.

Cities for years have hired firms to handle trash hauling and roadwork. Only recently have some outsourced all of city hall.

Stephen Goldsmith, who privatized some services in Indianapolis when he was mayor in the 1990s, says the contract city model makes sense for a small, new city.

"You're not going to see a Philadelphia turn around and do this," he says.
God, I hope not. That would be a DE-saster.

I wouldn't pay a monthly fee just to walk through Rittenhouse Square.

More later...


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