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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fool Me Once


Average gas price falls 11 cents a gallon in a week

Heavy summer driving period over + November elections + GOP plan to stay in control = $2.91 on the corner of Riverside and Glendale.

And cheaper gas everywhere else:
Gasoline prices continue to tumble, almost free-falling toward levels not seen in five months.

The nationwide average for regular was $2.618 a gallon, the Energy Information Administration reported Monday. That was 10.9 cents lower than a week earlier.

"The reason prices are going down so far so fast is that they shouldn't have been that high in the first place. Two reasons they were: fear and speculation," says Mike O'Connor, president of the Virginia Petroleum, Convenience and Grocery Association. It represents gasoline distributors who operate about 4,000 stations.

O'Connor says $2 gasoline "is more likely than unlikely" if the Gulf of Mexico isn't hit by hurricanes and if there isn't a flare-up of tensions in oil-producing regions.

You and I are in the wrong business.

More later...


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