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Thursday, August 17, 2006

"You Will Be Destroyed!"

Great piece in the Nation from James K. Galbraith.

Groundhog Day

Dude has some questions re: this latest evil-doer bust in the UK:
Arrests were made at night, catching the culprits at home. Houses have been raided, and are being searched. So far as we know at this point, no bombs have been found. No chemicals. No equipment. No labs. No testing ground. Maybe this will come out later, but it hasn't so far, even though the authorities seem anxious to tell just about everything they know.

Now, in order to get on an airplane, even the most devout suicide terrorist needs a ticket, and these generally must be purchased with money.

Apparently, not one ticket had been purchased by the detainees.
One little-known feature of airline security (in the United States, anyway) is that people traveling on one-way tickets bought at the last minute get special scrutiny at the gate. Those tickets are also (a lot) more expensive. If you want to pass unnoticed, you will buy your ticket round-trip, in advance, and also save money like everyone else. Actually, if you didn't know this already, you're not fit to be let out of the house.

Further, to get on an international flight from Britain to the United States, in these days of the modern nation-state, you need something else. It's a document called a passport.

Apparently, some of the detainees don't have them.
Someone lacking a passport can, I think, safely be excluded from the ranks of potential suicide bombers of UK-to-US flights. They could, of course, have a counterfeit or be operating in a support role--but so far we are not being told of any counterfeit documents or any support operation. And to pass security you would use a different person to carry each chemical you needed. For twelve flights, that's twenty-four people.
"But this one goes to 11."
As to threats: A joke going around the Manchester Airport on August 10 was that at least the IRA would remember to call.

What's the point of a suicide bombing if no one knows what it's for?
How about...because they hate our freedoms?

More later...


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