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Tuesday, August 08, 2006



Interesting tidbit on the Bushies' fascination with end times prophecy in the WaPo yesterday:
Joel C. Rosenberg, who writes Christian apocalyptic fiction, told me in an interview this week that he was invited to a White House Bible study group last year to talk about current events and biblical prophecy.

Rosenberg said that on February 10, 2005, he came to speak to a "couple dozen" White House aides in the Old Executive Office Building -- and has stayed in touch with several of them since.

Rosenberg wouldn't say exactly what was discussed.

"The meeting itself was off the record, as you could imagine," he said. He declined to name the staffer he said invited him or describe the attendees in any way other than to say that the president was not among them. "I can't imagine they'd want to talk about it," he said.

"I can't tell you that the people that I spoke with agree with me, or believe that prophecy can really help you understand what will happen next in the Middle East, but I'm not surprised that they're intrigued."

The White House press office wasn't able to confirm the visit for me, but there have been previous reports about White House Bible study groups inviting Christian authors to come speak.

Feel safe?

When I'm President - and need some advice - I'll invite the (living) writers from The Original Series.

I mean, Christ, Kirk had to deal with "terrorists" all the time. Klingons, Romulans, Rojan & Kalinda...the Nazi's on Ekos...blah blah blah.

We should take a page from the Captain's log and deal with the bad guys accordingly.

In "The Enterprise Incident," Kirk disguised himself as a on now. That's a great move. Mr. Cheney, your thoughts?

Plus, Kirk had to defeat think we can learn something from that, too. You know, from his strategy. Find the power source, take it out, defeat the weakened bad guy.

Think GW could defeat the Gorn captain ("Arena")?

More later...


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