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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hopefully they'll have banners

The FOX-ification of the White House Press Dept. continues!

First...the hiring of Tony Snow-job.

Now...a home makeover!
Earlier this year, Fox News talk show host Tony Snow was hired as press secretary.

Next up: a renovation of the briefing room, likely with a video wall that could display everything from "flags waving in the breeze [to] detailed charts and graphs," according to a senior White House official working on the project.
"Could you guys show some evil front of a firing squad?"
For TV viewers, the video feed could be the sole on-screen image, or could share the space with the speaker.

White House officials say they are weighing how -- and how often -- to use the video capability. But the new technology could help transform White House briefings -- midday exchanges with reporters in a utilitarian setting -- into more interesting viewing.
Hopefully, they'll have a FOX-y scrolling ticker at the bottom of the above mentioned screen.

Dow down 5000 points

Study: 92 percent of Democrats are gay

JFK posthumously joins Republican Party

Oil slicks found to keep seals young, supple

Dan Quayle: Awesome

(From "Krusty for Congress.")
Both the planned video capabilities and Mr. Snow's hiring appear to be part of a subtle but sweeping effort by administration officials to deliver their message directly to the public, particularly through video.
I guess the MSM isn't doin' a good enough job with the administration's, uh, message.

More later...


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