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Friday, July 28, 2006


Here's CNN's Jack Cafferty on the previously mentioned Al-Qaeda tape:
Another day, another tape from al Qaeda. So what? What exactly is the world supposed to do because some al Qaeda dirtbag releases a tape saying he’s going to support Hezbollah? Should we all get under the bed now? The fact is, these morons have been sending out tapes for years and threatening all kinds of dire things, but as far as we know, the leadership of what’s left of this organization is still scurrying around from cave to cave in Afghanistan trying to keep their cooking fires lit so they can roast their goats.

It’s far more likely that they’re starved for attention. Between the war in Iraq, the war in Gaza, the war in Lebanon, the crazies in North Korea and Iran, the world doesn’t have time to pay attention to these worms anymore. So, like spoiled little brats who throw a fit in a department store because their mother is busy shopping and not paying attention to them, these idiots rush out another videotape so they can get their name in the paper.
Back to my previous blog about AQ's "art department." (An art department is the unit responsible for dressing a TV, movie or commericial set...with objects and bring realism to a facade.)

All I'm saying is...

Somewhere, somehow, AQ has a kid on a computer...making Jpegs of terrorists and the WTC. They've got another kid "blowing up" those photos and mounting them on foamboard, and someone else building a backdrop with said items.

Look closely...and you'll see a bunch of set lights...hanging from the studio's ceiling.

Hardly a "terrorist" in a "cave" with a simple video camera.


More later...


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