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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The War on Terror Funds

Can't believe it, but I'm gonna use the NY Post (a very nice fish wrap) for this post.

Terror? What Terror?

Quick info:
June 1, 2006 -- WASHINGTON - Less than five years after the murder of 2,749 people in the Twin Towers on 9/11, the feds yesterday shockingly slashed anti-terror funds needed to protect New York City against future attacks.

The Homeland Security Department announced it was hacking funds distributed to the city by 40 percent compared with last year, while pouring hundreds of millions into unlikely terror targets like Kentucky and Wyoming.
Wyoming = Cheneyland.


I happen to know...that loads of evildoers around the world...would love to blow up Bubba's BBQ in Jackson. (Bubba's has a fantastic pulled pork sandwich, BTW.)

That's why they're getting $.

Plus, they want to destroy our freedoms and our moose.

More info:
Jacksonville, Fla. 2005 funds: $6.8 million.

2006 funds: $9.2 million.

Increase: 26%. Major landmark: Alltel Stadium, home of Jacksonville Jaguars.
C'mon now.

We all know that Al-Qaeda hates the Jags: More than Steeler fans.

I mean...right now...there are probably a bunch of dudes in a cave somewhere...with plans to destroy Alltel.


Can I get some of that Homeland Security cash? I'm pretty sure that the "terra-ists" would love to blow up the Silverlake reservoir.

More later...


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