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Monday, June 05, 2006

Walk Across the Street to Pat's


Here's the latest word from Geno's

AS in Geno's steaks...South Phila, Pa.
The customer is always right? Not at Geno's Steaks in South Philadelphia.

Belly up to its counter and order a cheesesteak in a language other than English, and you'll walk away hungry.

Fromage-avec? Fugheddaboudit.

It seems that Joseph Vento, Geno's owner, feels strongly that everyone in this country ought to speak English - even if they're tourists from faraway climes looking for that fabled Philly cheesesteak fix.

Vento insists his customers order in English. No pointing at the menu items. Speak English, a sign at Vento's popular, curbside counter reads.

This comes from a man whose Italian-born grandparents spoke limited English. Talk about irony thicker than Cheez Whiz.
I have an idea, 'specially for those of you who "can't speak English."

Walk across the street...and give your business to Pat's.

(It's a better cheesesteak, IMHO.)

More later...


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