BRANDOLAND: Talking to God...For You!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Two things for you to do this morning.

Check out Ron Suskind's appearance on CNN (via Crooks & Liars). He's talking to Wolfie about his new book ("One Percent Doctrine"), a book that gets into Cheney's grip on the White House, Bin Laden's desire for Bush's re-election, and our "decision" to bomb Al-Jazeera.


Watch Alonzo Mourning's post-game press conference.

He's one of my favorite guys -- and not just because he gives a lot of money to "blue" causes. Watch the video...and you'll see why.

Zo talks a lot about his recovery from kidney failure and the importance of this championship moment:
"It just makes me appreciate...just living...every more."
He's an inspiration.

More later...


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