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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Think About It

From the NY Times article on the Goss resignation:
The (CIA) was widely viewed as being at odds with the administration over the Iraq war, and the White House gave Mr. Goss marching orders to end what it saw as a campaign of leaks to the news media by agency insiders who opposed administration policies.
If the CIA is at odds with the Neo-cons re: Iraq...what does that tell you about the Neo-con plan?!

Josh Marshall has more on that "campaign to end leaks"...with help from the L.A. Times:
The perception that Goss was conducting a partisan witch hunt grew, too, as staffers asked about the party affiliation of officers who sent in cables or analyses on Iraq that contradicted the Defense Department's more optimistic scenarios.
Break that down.

Staffers...asked about the party affiliation...of officers...who sent analyses on Iraq...that contradicted...the Defense Department (meaning...Rummy).

I mean...the Defense Department's "more optimistic scenarios."


Think, think, think.

(Fixing facts to fit the policy?)

Does "truth" matter anymore?

"You can't handle the truth!"

More later...


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