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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Privatize This

Again - thanks for checking in - crazy busy - will get back to heavy posting this week.

In the meantime...

Misjudgments Marred U.S. Plans for Iraqi Police

Among other things.
Field training of the Iraqi police, the most critical element of the effort, was left to DynCorp International, a company based in Irving, Tex., that received $750 million in contracts.
That would be a, uh, private defense contractor.
The advisers, many of them retired officers from small towns, said they arrived in Iraq and quickly found themselves caught between poorly staffed American government agencies, company officials focused on the bottom line and thousands of Iraqi officers clamoring for help.
"Company officials focused on the bottom line."

That's why we LIBTARDS believe that ya can't privatize "everything."

When it became clear that the civilian effort by DynCorp was faltering, American military officials took over police training in 2004, relying on heavily armed commando units that had been established by the Iraqis.

Within a year, members of the Sunni Muslim population said some units had been infiltrated by Shiite Muslim militias and were kidnapping, torturing and executing scores of Sunni Muslims.
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