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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

While You Were Out...


In Attics and Rubble, More Bodies and Questions

They're still finding Katrina victims in New Orleans:
The bodies of storm victims are still being discovered in New Orleans — in March alone there were nine, along with one skull.


A landlord in the Lakeview section put a "for sale" sign outside a house, unaware that his tenant's body was in the attic. Two weeks ago, searchers in the Lower Ninth Ward found a girl, believed to be about 6, wearing a blue backpack. Nearby, they found part of a man who the authorities believe might have been trying to save her.

[On Friday, contractors found a body in the attic of a home in the Gentilly neighborhood that had been searched twice before, officials said.]

In the weeks after Hurricane Katrina, there were grotesque images of bodies left in plain sight. Officials in Louisiana recovered more than 1,200 bodies, but the process, hamstrung by money shortages and red tape, never really ended.
I would suggest to you that efforts were made to keep the death toll "low."

Imagine the outcry if the "number" had been greater than "9/11."
"We never reached out to anyone to tell our story, because there's no ending to our story," said Wanda Jackson, 40, whose family is still waiting for word of her 6-year-old nephew, swept away by floodwaters as his mother clung to his 3-year-old brother.

"Because we haven't found our deceased. Being honest with you, in my opinion, they forgot about us."
On that note, from the March 22 edition of the Houston Chronicle:

Katrina's other toll: Nearly 1,500 still missing

Almost seven months after Katrina's devastating assault on New Orleans, nearly 1,500 people remain missing.

And hundreds of new missing persons calls continue to pour in even as workers struggle to reunite families, identify the dead and close the books on a massive human lost-and-found effort.


The total confirmed death toll on the Gulf Coast is nearly 1,600.
There's a big elephant in this room, and his name is "Poor People."

And another elephant named "Fuck 'Em."

And one named "The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - NoLa."

Kudos to those folks who are still looking...and digging through the rubble.

More later...


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