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Friday, April 07, 2006

The Public Interest

By now ya know...the Bushies leaked info to go after Joe Wilson:
Court papers filed by the prosecutor in the CIA leak case against I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby said Bush authorized Libby to disclose information from a classified prewar intelligence report.

The court papers say Libby's boss, advised him that the president had authorized Libby to leak the information to the press in striking back at administration critic Joseph Wilson.
Which means - they leaked info for POLITICAL PURPOSES.

From this morning's WH press gaggle:
Q: Should NIEs be declassified for political purposes?

Scott McClellan: For the public interest, is what I said, that the reason why the National -- portions of the National Intelligence Estimate were declassified.

It was very much in the public interest.
In this case, "public interest" means "our interest."

The Bushies' interest.
Scott McClellan: Peter, I think what you have to do is balance the public interest with protecting national security information.
That's an interesting way of saying, "You can't handle the truth!"
Scott McClellan: And at that point in time, what was disclosed in the National Intelligence Estimate provided important historical context for the public debate that was going on about the intelligence.

You can't have a real debate with out FACTS.

Which...we've never had.


Take any WH press conference dealing with Plame-gate - get the same response from Scott. EVERYTIME.

Like November 1, 2005:
Q: Some Democrats say that the President should apologize for the role of some administration officials in the unmasking of the name of a CIA undercover operative. What's the White House reaction to that?

Scott McClellan: First of all, there is a legal proceeding that continues right now, and under our legal system, there is a presumption of innocence. We need to let that legal process continue. If people want to try and politicize this process, that's their business.
Q: Did the President authorize the leak of intelligence information?

Scott McClellan: Terry, there is an ongoing legal proceeding, and our policy has been that we're not going to comment on it while it's ongoing. And that remains our policy.
Yada yada yada.

More later...


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