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Monday, April 03, 2006

Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah


Venezuela's Hugo Chavez thumbed his nose at Our Kid again.

Good stuff via Greg Palast's latest BBC piece:
Mr Chavez told Newsnight he was still concerned that Mr Bush had not learned the lessons of Iraq and would order an invasion to try to secure Venezuela's oil.

"I pray this will not happen because US soldiers will bite the dust and so will we, Venezuelans," he said.

He warned that any such attempt would lead to a prolonged guerrilla war and an end to oil production.

"The US people should know there will be no oil for anyone."
Gas is back up over $2.80 at most of the stations in Hollywood.

The Valero at Riverside & Glendale gives it to ya for $2.73, but that's the cheapest I've seen in these here parts.
Mr Chavez does not accept UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's criticism of him for lining up with Mr Castro.

He told Newsnight: "If someone is sleeping together it is Bush and Blair. They share the same bed."

"He said...what?!"

"He said that you and Mr. Blair, uh, share the same bed, sir."

"But...we don't."

"I know that, sir. He was just -- "

"Then why did he say that?"

"He was just being -- "

"Doesn't make any sense. I sleep with Laura."

"He was trying to provo -- "

"Cubs really smacked the Reds, didn't they?"


"Did you see my first pitch? Gave 'em my slider."

"Yes, sir."

"I still got it, heh heh."

More later...

(Feel free to make up your own caption re: the photo up above. I think the comedy is fairly obvious.)


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