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Monday, April 24, 2006

Fred Barnes: Total Bastard

The Happy Mondays.

Media Matters has a cool little piece re: the Fox News Special Report gang talkin' about the high price of gas.

(It's basically $9/gal here in Los Angeles City.)

Here's the excerpt. Our focus is on the Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes.

For those of you who don't know, Rupert Murdoch's Weekly Standard is one of the leading Neo-con fish wraps, and a special little corner of Hell:
BARNES: But here's what I think about people complaining about this. I'm tired of hearing their complaints. I mean, look, if the American people are so upset about gas costing too much, why don't they demand something more? And the obvious thing is to have more supply.
Well, the "obvious thing" is to crack open the books -- and to get people under oath -- but that ain't gonna happen.
BARNES: And yet when that --

ANGLE: Or drive less.

BARNES: Yeah --

ANGLE: For people who can --

BARNES: We know they are not going to drive --

ANGLE: For people who can.

KONDRACKE: Or drive smaller cars.

BARNES: We know they're not going to drive less, and they don't want those little cars that if you get in an accident, you know, if you bump into the curb, everybody in your car is going to die.

ANGLE: You could just get a medium-sized car.

BARNES: People like SUVs.

KRAUTHAMMER: Or you could try bicycles.
What a dick.
BARNES: And well, look, it's a given that they like these big cars and so on. So, if they have -- if it costs a lot to fill up the tanks and they don't like that, well, demand that the supply increase.

Demand that oil be drilled offshore, in ANWR, and so on. And they aren't.

Otherwise, look, shut up.

Fuck you.

You don't live paycheck to most Americans.

Who are getting ripped off...plain and simple.

Prices are high...because they can be.

(Go back to the last time that the Dems had control of the Senate. Prices started to climb up to $2.00, and Carl Levin started to call for answers. Prices went back down. Conspiracy? No, just business in Bushworld.)

Oh, BTW, Fred -- your BOSS? Had some interesting things to say about the price of oil during the run-up to the war in Iraq (via the Guardian UK):
The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy...would be $20 a barrel for oil.

That's bigger than any tax cut in any country.

$20, $75, $20, $75 - it's all the same.

Final thought: A lot of neo-con policies are generated and tested via the Weekly Standard. Get ready for a new round of calls for drilling in ANWR.

Which would do NOTHING to lower the price at the pump.

"Who profits?" The only question you ever need to ask.

More later...


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