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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bonds Vs The Babe


Let's take a time-out from the onslaught of the Bushies for this phenomenal Chuck Klosterman piece on Barry Bonds and his pursuit of Babe Ruth's home run record:
We are all familiar with the story of Babe Ruth; it's the classic American narrative.

He was born inside a burning saloon.

As a teen, he was persuaded to become a southpaw pitcher through the guidance of a priest impressed by the boy's ability to consume entire turkeys during brunch. As he matured, Ruth found he was able to hit 600-foot home runs for dying children without the use of a bat.

His on-field excellence was punctuated by an ability to drink whole kegs of beer while making love to nine women simultaneously, none of whom was his wife. When the Red Sox traded his rights to the Yankees, 560 people died in a mud slide.

Ruth served as Warren G. Harding's secretary of state, albeit briefly.

He also weighed in the neighborhood of 18,000 pounds and once won a best-of-three-falls wrestling match against Man o' War, the horse he later ate.


But Bonds is going to pass him, and no one knows how to feel. Ruth was a troubling person, but he's a wonderful idea; Bonds is a troubling person who's an empty idea.
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