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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Real Story

'Ello, boys and girls.

Simple post this morning.

The headline from the NY Times:

Even as U.S. Invaded, Hussein Saw Iraqi Unrest as Top Threat

He was more concerned with an internal revolt - not a US invasion.


The real story is buried deep within the piece.
The Iraqi dictator was so secretive and kept information so compartmentalized that his top military leaders were stunned when he told them three months before the war that he had no weapons of mass destruction, and they were demoralized because they had counted on hidden stocks of poison gas or germ weapons for the nation's defense.


In December 2002, he told his top commanders that Iraq did not possess unconventional arms, like nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, according to the Iraq Survey Group, a task force established by the C.I.A. to investigate what happened to Iraq's weapons programs.

Mr. Hussein wanted his officers to know they could not rely on poison gas or germ weapons if war broke out.

The disclosure that the cupboard was bare, Mr. Aziz said, sent morale plummeting.

The real headline? Hussein to Top Commanders:"No Weapons of Mass Destruction."

Not quite the headline we read - back in the day.

More later...


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