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Friday, March 10, 2006

Alonzo Mourning: My new favorite guy


My friend Eric sent me a link to this website: Newsmeat, a site that breaks down POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS (donations over $200) from celebs, sports heroes, and other muckety-mucks.

The "sports" list is pretty awesome.

Let me just say this: Alonzo Mourning? My new favorite guy.

Gave 100% of his contributions ($25,000) to the Dems. Wouldn't have thought that "the Hulk" (Shaq's nickname for Zo) would throw cash our way. But he did. And he's my new favorite guy.

Others --

Agassi - gave 89% of his $94k to the Dems.

NHL commish Gary Bettman?! Gave 100% of his $2k to the Dems. Wow.

Dr. J? One of us!

Tampa Bay Bucs OWNER Malcolm Glazer?!?!?! This particular OWNER gave 96% of his $26k to the Blues. Wow.

Wait. What?! Robert Kraft, OWNER of the NE Pats?! Dude gave 76% of his $247k to our side. We'll take it!!! (I still hate the Pats, but Kraft is cool with me.)

Future Hall of Famer Emmit Smith? 100% of his $3k to the good guys.

NBA king David Stern?! Busted out the big guns and gave 98% of his $781,780 to the Dems!!! I mean, come on, this is a guy who KNOWS PROFIT. A guy who helped build the league from the crazy days of CBS late night to a global 'kin empire.

Holy Christ!

Other blue notables: Chris Berman, Dean Smith, Brian Urlacher, Digger Phelps and Isaiah Thomas. (Yankee chief George Stgeinbrenner played both sides of the fence - and gave equally. An old school move from an old school guy.)

The bad news? A-Rod, Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning, Mike Ditka, Mario Lemieux, Pat Summerall and Vin Scully gave all their cash to the Repubs.

As did Bobby Knight, Karl Malone and John Elway, the King of Colorado.

(Elway might run for office one day: That's the word in Colorado. No need to hold an election.)

The Rooney family gave most of their cash to the Republicans: Conservative Pittsburgh Catholics. (I knew that already, 'coz Dan goes to mass everyday.)

Check it out.

More later...


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