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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Houston, We Have a Problem


How did I miss this?!?!

McPherson gives conditional OK to Diebold voting machines

As in California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson.

SACRAMENTO - California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson gave conditional approval Friday for counties to use two voting machines produced by Diebold Election Systems that he had previously questioned.

We're getting the damn machines.

BTW, McPherson is NOT a Dem: He's an Arnold-ite.


Okay, my brain is still mush from the long drive across the west.

Hard for me to verbalize the rage I'm feeling right now re: Diebold machines in Cal-lee-fornia.

I will say this; They want it more than we do.

On a lighter note...

Please take the time to read this piece by ESPN's Bill Simmons.

Yes, he's a sportswriter.

I'm a fan, though, because Bill seems to speak "truth to power" in sports - not an easy thing to do. It's a big biz...filled with powerful people...and a microcosm of the world we're living in (Bushworld).

Here's his take on Houston, TX:
In the past four years, I made four separate trips to Houston and spent a total of 24 days here. And you know why I did it? For you, the reader. I covered the Bowl, the Super Bowl, baseball's All-Star Game, and now, the NBA All-Star Game. And you know what?

That's too much freaking time to spend in Houston.

My editors just bleeped me, I don't care. Maybe Houston doesn't suck any more or less than 20 other major cities, and maybe the people are friendly and likable, but the fact remains, you would never come here for any reason, other than these three:

(1) For work.
(2) To gain weight.
(3) To get shot.

You just wouldn't. And yet, dating back to the Super Bowl XXXVIII in February 2004, three of the last eight major sporting events were held in Houston.

Does this make any sense?

It's the capitol of Bushland.
There are 30 to 35 American cities that could host the Super Bowl and/or either of the All-Star Games ... and yet Houston pulled off the Ultimate Pro Sports Trifecta in a 24-month span, despite the fact that it's a sprawling city with traffic and safety problems (the three intangibles you always want to avoid for major sporting events).

Here's what really frightens me: I have spent so much time here, I actually know my way around. Can I have this information removed from my brain? Is there a pill I can take.

Anyway, I have the following announcement to make: I am never, ever, ever setting foot in Houston again. I don't care if the Red Sox play the Astros in the World Series. I don't care if the Celtics play the Rockets in the NBA Finals. I don't care if my daughter gets engaged to an astronaut and has to have a quickie wedding in Houston hours before he gets launched to Saturn.

I'm never coming back to Houston.
Sage advice.

More later...


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