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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Here's Another Angle to the Hunting Thing

(Bi-monthly request - pass the blog on to one new person today. Thanks.)

Here's another angle to the hunting thing...via the NY Times.
Texas officials said on Monday night that Mr. Cheney would be issued a warning citation for hunting without a proper game stamp on his license.

The local sheriff said an investigation had concluded that the episode was "no more than an accident."

The local sheriff, Ramon Salinas III of Kenedy County, said the Secret Service called him shortly after the shooting occurred.

Sheriff Salinas said he sent his chief deputy, Gilbert Sanmiguel, to the Armstrong Ranch that night.

He said Mr. Sanmiguel interviewed Mr. Cheney and reported that the shooting was an accident.
"Yeah, I just have a few questions here about the incid -- "

"I'm sorry, officer. Did you just say something?"

"Um, oh, uh, no, no. I was just, uh...that's a nice jacket."

"It's a gift from my wife."

"Okay. I'll be on my way then."
The sheriff said Sunday that they had yet to speak to "the victim."

"But you could say it's closed," Mr. Salinas said of the case.

Strange bit of info from Josh Marshall...
At least one deputy showed up at the ranch's front gate Saturday evening and asked to speak to Cheney but was turned away by the Secret Service, Zahren said.



"(Sqwak) Hello?"

"Yes, I'm from the, uh, Kennedy County Sheriff's department. I'm here to, uh, talk to the Vice President."

"(Sqwak) We didn't order a pizza."


"Okay. I'll be on my way then."
There was some miscommunication that arrangements already had been made to interview Cheney the next morning, he said.

When did deputy Sanmiguel interview the Old Man? That's key.
Both the sheriff's department and the state have determined that alcohol did not appear to be a factor.
Why bother to point that out?


(Think, think, think.)

Ah, who cares?

Look...everybody knows it was an accident.

We're just fumed b/c the Bushies handled a really simple story like they handle everything: They held the story until they were ready to deal with it.

In the end? It looks like they were trying to cover their tracks...when there really were no tracks to cover.

Let's bring this story back to the group running "your" country:
Among the people with (Cheney) at the Armstrong Ranch in South Texas was his host Katharine Armstrong, a lobbyist and longtime friend of Mr. Cheney. Her lobbying clients include several that do business with the federal government, though Ms. Armstrong said she did not believe that she had ever lobbied Mr. Cheney.


...Mr. Bush did not find out that Mr. Cheney fired the shot until about half an hour later in a subsequent call from Karl Rove, his senior adviser and deputy chief of staff, who had called Ms. Armstrong to ask about the incident.
Standard stuff, right?

Well, here's an intersting note from Josh Marshall:
An early financier of Karl Rove + Company was Tobin Armstrong, the owner of a Texas ranch (it was on land leased from Armstrong Rove and Bill Frist were planning to go hunting) and the husband of Anne Armstrong, a former Republican Cabinet officer.
Hey, hey!

"Katherine" is their daughter. The ranch was mumsy and daddy's.
Becoming chairman of the College Republicans provided Rove with an introduction to such people, which may be one reason that winning mattered so much to him; it also seems that Rove, the self-made man, gets pleasure as well as practical advantage from his association with the Texas upper crust, people who give off the glow of ease, charm, and connection which he detected in George W. Bush the first time they met.
Oh, life.

Should've joined the College Republicans: I'd be set by now.

Got a really good idea for an animated series, though. Maybe I can sell it by Friday.

More later...


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