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Monday, February 27, 2006

Good Night, My Sweet Princess

Happy Monday.

A rose, you never used your thorns,
The ones you loved abandoned you.
Your angel face made hearts so warm,
You helped the sick but who helped you?

Well, first Moz, now Lady Di.

Diana driver was secret informer

Then rushing through the Paris night,
They hounded you, you lost control.
We prayed that you would be alright,
The news came through, your body cold.

Good night, my sweet princess...
The chauffeur of the car in which Diana, Princess of Wales died was working for the French secret service, the British team reinvestigating her death has been told.

The inquiry — headed by Lord Stevens, the former Metropolitan police commissioner — into the Paris car crash that killed Diana is now trying to obtain the chauffeur’s files from French intelligence but is being delayed by the reluctance of the authorities to hand them over.
I mean, where do I, I mean --

What kind of bad, B-movie world are we living in?!
Stevens’s team has asked the country’s domestic intelligence service, the DST, to surrender all its “agent handling” files on Henri Paul, the chauffeur, to establish whether he was doing any work for his French intelligence bosses on the night of the crash.

Paul crashed the car, killing himself, Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed in a tunnel in central Paris in 1997.

It has previously been claimed — and strenuously denied — that he worked for SIS, the secret intelligence service, also known as MI6.
The great tinfoil-hat theory re: the accident is that...a "royal" can not have the blood of an "infidel" in 'er.

Di was preggers -- thus the crash.
Well-placed sources say requests by the Stevens team for information about Paul’s activities on the day of the crash, and demands for complete records of tests taken on his blood after he died, have become bogged down by the “incredible bureaucracy” of the French justice system.

The role of Paul, who was deputy head of security at the Paris Ritz hotel, and what he was doing in the hours up to the crash are central to the inquiry.

Mohamed al-Fayed --
A very powerful man --
-- the Harrods tycoon and Dodi’s father who also owns the Paris Ritz, has claimed Diana and his son were murdered by British intelligence.
And what Bond-movie is that from?

A View to a Kill?
Scotland Yard sources disclosed last week that the French government had finally confirmed Paul’s employment by the DST during discussions last year.

A Yard source said: “We now know he was working for the French secret service and the French have got to give us access to the records of what he was doing. It’s an issue. We want to know where he was and what he was doing that evening.”
Die Another Day?
Fayed has claimed that MI6 agents visited the morgue on the night of the crash to plant evidence suggesting Paul was drunk, by substituting his blood for the alcohol-contaminated blood of a suicide victim.
That's a bit from...what?

After two years of investigation, Stevens still takes the view that Diana’s death was an accident.

However, he is conscious of the fact that many people still believe she was murdered
No more snarky comments...

"Was that originally about Princess Diana?"

"Originally, but it fits perfectly, doesn't it?"

"Not the car crash bit."

"Your relationship with Lee is a bit like a car crash."

"In Paris?"

"City of Love."


"You're right. It fits perfectly, thank you."

(Here's the audio. Enjoy.)


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Pure genius.

More later...


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