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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A couple of notes...

A couple of notes from last night...with approximate times.

6:01 - ABC's Elizabeth Vargas is wearing a really bad rust colored jacket.

6:02 - Judges Roberts and Thomas are talking to each other. Scary.

6:04 - Rumsefld just laughed! Really scary.

Once again, Laura is sitting with an Arab woman. Who she?

6:07 - Here comes Our Kid. God, he loves that blue tie.

I've always thought...he'd be a great Major League Baseball commisioner.

6:15 - He's talking about bipartisanship, civility...and just pledged to "do his part."

Then fire Karl Rove!

6:16 - "Enemies of freedom." Here it comes...

6:17 - Yes! 9/11! Dictatorships! WMD's! Terrorists!

"The advance of the story of our time." What about "Rudy?" "Lord of the Rings?" "Brokeback?"

6:18 - He just said the words "Bin Laden."

6:19 - "We love our freedom and will fight to keep it." (That's what Cindy Sheehan is saying this morning.)

6:19 - I'm hungry.

6:21 - Lynne Cheney just said something to that little girl: God help her.

No withdrawl, stay the course, decisions made by military commanders (right). Kerry is not listening.

6:26 - Hey. A German Shepherd. Cool. Good looking dog. Who's blind?

6:29 - "Let us never forget the sacrifices of America's military families." THEN WHY DID YOU ARREST CINDY SHEEHAN?!

6:30 - Yep, he's going after Hamas.

6:31 - Triple shot of W, Cheney and Hastert. So tough.

6:32 - "New-kew-ler." Still saying it after all these years.

6:33 - Speaks to the citizens of Iran. (Read the previous post.)

6:37 - "If they're talking to people in our country...we wanna know about it." That's the talking point. (The flip - "If you're not talking to terrorists...what are you worried about?!")

6:39 - "America is more secure when freedom is on the march."

Economy junk (snore).

6:40-something - McCain just had a spaz re: "earmark reform."

6:45 - Weird joke about his dad's "two favorite people," him and Clinton. Hillary did not laugh.

No way am I watching the Dem response.

6:49 - "America is addicted to foreign oil." (And Exxon just recorded record profits.)

6:53 - Who's the guy in the Dr. Who scarf?

I'm losing interest.

7:02 - "Will we turn back, or finish well?"

That, my friends, is a good question.

More later...


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