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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Jack Murtha...working for you.


Xmas vacation is just around the bend.

Call me crazy, but it feels like the City of Los Angle-leez has already gone into break mode.

"Dios mio, man!"

On that note...

Jack Murtha has responded to Our Kid's latest statement re: Iraq and given you all the TALKING POINTS you need for your upcoming time with "the fam."

You know, when you get into it with Grandma Nooney on the 25th.

"Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11, grandma!"

"I don't care! Pass me the salt!"

Rep. Murtha:
In August 16th (2003), I went to Iraq, from August 16th to the 20th. When I came back, I said to Secretary Rumsfeld: We require immediate attention of body armor.

They said they were prepared. They said they had what they needed.

Forty thousand troops didn't have body armor. They needed armored Humvees. They needed jammers and Kevlar blankets they asked for. This was all levels of people in Iraq at the time.
XMAS QUESTION FOR YOUR CRAZY COUSIN GARY: If the Bushies love the troops so much - if they "support them" - why did they send 'em to fight without proper gear?

Sorry to say it, Toby Kieth fans, but American soldiers DO NOT have superpowers (the power of flight, the power to control fire, super strength, etc).

If their guns get jammed - or they find themselves in a firefight w/out proper armor - they're f*cked.

Spell it out, ask why the Bushies sent our dudes to Iraq without proper gear.
And then I wrote to the president on September 4th and I said, "I believe you have miscalculated the magnitude of the effort we are facing. We should energize, Iraqitize and internationalize this effort."

I wrote to the president in September 4th of 2003. I got a letter back in April 6th, 2004. The president didn't write back.

I received a response from a deputy undersecretary -- paints a totally rosy, unrealistic picture, saying 200,000 Iraqis -- now, hear what I'm saying -- 200,000 Iraqis under arms, reconstruction projects and 70 percent of Iraqis feel -- or 2,200 reconstruction projects -- 70 percent of Iraqis feel life is good.

The irony is that this was the month with the most U.S. deaths; 137 were killed.

But that's what they wrote to me.
XMAS TALKING POINT FOR YOUR DRUNK UNCLE FRANK: "200,000 Iraqis under arms? There might be 200,000 pissed off Iraqs under arms - dudes in knock-off sweatpants and old Laker t-shirts - but not 200,000 Iraqi security forces."

Uncle Frank will (knock back his Jim Beam and) ask you how many security forces they have. Tell him you don't know...because the Bushies won't give us a straight answer...because they won't give us a straight answer on ANYTHING.

Read on:
Now, you'll see a document that's in this package here that told me six months before -- well, in the victory document he says we have 212,000 people trained now, Iraqi security people.

Last year, we had 96,000.

Yet, they wrote to me six months before the last year's statement that said they had 200,000.

Now, why don't I believe them when they say anything?

They said we got weapons of mass destruction.

They said we got an Al Qaida connection.

They said we got nuclear weapons.
And they didn't.

So they lied.

Now I said to (Rumsfeld) - You have got a shortage of people in specialty, MOS specialties, that's a military specialist.

We had truck drivers who couldn't back up a truck.

We had security guards who weren't trained in security at all.

We had National Guard security people without radios -- couldn't talk to the front, the back of the convoy, endangering their lives.
Got that?

We got radios over there and we tried to address this very problem. And we had a press conference. Nancy Pelosi and I did.

We said, "the military's overstretched and there's poor planning." And I said at that time I did not think we could win this militarily.

I got a lot of criticism. DeLay got up on the floor and said I was a traitor.

What I said to him, publicly, I won't tell you.
Possible Murtha retorts:

"Shove it up your ass, Tom."

"Go fuck yourself."

"Fuck you, Tom."

Apologies for the language: I'm sure the real statement was much more colorful.
Now, there's one other area where I measure progress, and that's incidents. Incidents have increased fivefold in the period of time that -- well, a year ago.

A year ago there were five times less than today.
Today's incident --

Iraq Bomber Targets Bus; Up to 30 Killed

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A suicide bomber who jumped on a bus after security checks had been completed detonated an explosives belt among passengers heading to a Shiite city Thursday, killing up to 30 people and wounding nearly 40, officials said.


Several other explosions rumbled through the heart of the capital Thursday morning, including one that struck an American convoy killing a U.S. soldier, the military said.

The latest death raised the number of U.S. service members who have died since the Iraq war started in March 2003 to at least 2,131, according to an Associated Press count.
Back to Rep. Murtha:
Now, let me tell you the major problem we have. You heard the president talk today about terrorism.

Every other word was "terrorism."

Let me separate terrorism from insurgency.
Pay attention: You can take on YOUR DAD with this stuff, people.
When I was in Iraq in 1991, president -- or King Fahd said to me -- this was an early morning meeting, like two or three o'clock in the morning, when he normally met with people during the air war.

And he said, "Get your troops out of Saudi Arabia the minute this war's over.

You're on sacred ground. You're destabilizing the whole region."
Meaning, "All those dudes in the knock-off sweats will be super pissed if you guys stick around."
I reported that back to the State Department and, as you know, we didn't get our troops out of there.

We left our troops there.

Bin Laden said he attacked the United States because of the troops in Saudi Arabia.

That's terrorism.

Terrorism was in London. Terrorism was in Spain. Terrorism was, obviously, in the United States.

That's completely separate from what's going on in Iraq.

Iraq is an insurgency.

Take on the entire dinner table.

A pissed off Iraqi is not necessarily a terrorist.

Think about it.


Ask your dad what he'd do if someone blew up his restaurant and killed his entire family.

Including you.

He'd probably put on a bad Laker t-shirt (with a cartoon depiction of Magic Johnson), he'd grab a gun, and he'd try to kill the people who took his life away.


(This argument never works, but it's fun anyway.)
At one of the hearings early on, Secretary Rumsfeld denied there was an insurgency. He said it was a gang of something or another.

But they wouldn't admit that they were having real problems over there. They kept being unrealistic, illusionary about what was going on in Iraq.

One of the major problems we have in fighting an insurgency is the military and the way they fight. And I adhere to the way they fight. They send in massive force. They use artillery, they use air and mortars.

And they kill a lot of people in order to suppress fire and protect our military. I'm for that.

But it doesn't make you any friends. That's part of the problem.

For instance, in Fallujah, which happened about the same time -- the first Fallujah happened about the same time as Abu Ghraib -- we put 150,000 people outside their homes in Fallujah.

If you remember in Jordan, the bomber said that the reason she became a bomber was because two of her relatives were killed in Fallujah.

We lost the hearts and minds of the people.
You have a good story: Use it.
Now, let's talk about terrorism versus insurgency in Iraq itself.

We think that foreign fighters are about 7 percent -- might be a little bit more, a little bit less.

Very small proportion of the people that are involved in the insurgency are terrorists or how I would interpret them as terrorists.
Make sense?

The longer we stay, the more insurgents we create.

"You're a crazy liberal!"

"No, I'm Brendan. I told you that."
When I said we can't win a military victory, it's because the Iraqis have turned against us.

They throw a hand grenade or a rocket into American forces and the people run into the crowd and they -- nobody tells them where they are.

I am convinced, and everything that I've read, the conclusion I've reached is there will be less terrorism, there will be less danger to the United States and it'll be less insurgency once we're out.

I think the Iraqis themselves will turn against this very small group of Al Qaida.
They keep saying the terrorists are going to control Iraq -- no way.

Al Qaida's only 7 percent of the people in Iraq and doing this fighting.

The terrorists -- there's several factions, but let's say Al Qaida is 7 percent at the very most.

Iraq will get rid of them because they'll tell the Iraqis where they are and it will be the end of the terrorist activity.


When your SUPER-ANNOYING BROTHER IN-LAW says, "Okay, genius, what's your plan," give him Jack's:
Now, my plan says redeploy to the periphery, to Kuwait, to Okinawa, and if there's a terrorist activity that affects our allies or affects the United States' national security, we can then go back in.
Makes sense to me.
I'm not talking about going back in if there's civil war, because we're in a civil war right now.

We're caught in between a civil war right now.
And your FINAL TALKING POINT: We are a civil war.

That and, "Quit watching Fox News."

"But...Bill O'Reilly is...looking out for me."

"Shut up, grandma."


More later...


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