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Monday, November 14, 2005

Hi, I'm Jimmy Carter

Simple post today: Excerpts from Jimmy Carter's stunning op-ed piece, "This isn't the real America."

It's a must read:
IN RECENT YEARS, I have become increasingly concerned by a host of RADICAL government policies that now threaten many basic principles espoused by all previous administrations, Democratic and Republican.

These include the rudimentary American commitment to peace, economic and social justice, civil liberties, our environment and human rights.

Also endangered are our historic commitments to providing citizens with TRUTHFUL INFORMATION, treating dissenting voices and beliefs with respect, state and local autonomy and fiscal responsibility.

At the same time, our political leaders have declared independence from the restraints of international organizations and have disavowed long-standing global agreements — including agreements on nuclear arms, control of biological weapons and the international system of justice.

Instead of our tradition of espousing peace as a national priority unless our security is directly threatened, we have proclaimed a policy of "preemptive war," an unabridged right to attack other nations unilaterally to change an unsavory regime or for other purposes.

When there are serious differences with other nations, we brand them as international pariahs and refuse to permit direct discussions to resolve disputes.

Regardless of the costs, there are determined efforts by TOP U.S. LEADERS to exert American imperial dominance throughout the world.
This is huge.

Protocol has been thrown out the window, yo: "Former" presidents are not supposed to criticize the White House.

Love it.
I am extremely concerned by a fundamentalist shift in many houses of worship and in government, as church and state have become increasingly intertwined in ways previously thought unimaginable.
And Jimmy is a very religious & spiritual man.
As the world's only superpower, America should be seen as the unswerving champion of peace, freedom and human rights.

Our country should be the focal point around which other nations can gather to combat threats to international security and to enhance the quality of our common environment. We should be in the forefront of providing human assistance to people in need.

It is time for the deep and disturbing political divisions within our country to be substantially healed, with Americans united in a common commitment to revive and nourish the historic political and moral values that we have espoused during the last 230 years.
Sounds good to me.

Read the whole piece.

More later...


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