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Saturday, August 20, 2005


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Maiden tonight in San Bernardino.

Me can't wait.

Here's a review of Thursday's show in AZ:

"Iron Maiden Rules at Ozzfest"


"...because the crowd at Cricket Pavilion did get crazy - DURING IRON MAIDEN'S SET. Ozzfest may be Ozzy's show, but last night was all about MAIDEN. The band turned in what was easily the BEST performance of the night, and everyone lapped it up.

Lead singer Bruce Dickinson had everyone on their feet for most of the band's one-hour set. From the band's stirring rendition of "The Trooper," which saw Dickinson bounce madly all over the stage with Union Jack, to the belting out of "Run to the Hills," Iron Maiden put everyone else on Ozzfest's lineup to shame.

Its set never faltered as the band let loose with Maiden mainstays such as "Revelations," "The Number of the Beast" and "Hallowed Be Thy Name." Dickinson was in complete control of the crowd, never letting them settle down. He was always on the move, running from end of the stage to the other, encouraging the crowd and letting loose with his distinct voice. By the last song, he had everyone else singing along to "Running Free."

Much of the audience had apparently not seen Maiden in concert perform. When Dickinson asked how many people were seeing Iron Maiden for the first time, the crowd roared back. That could be the most amazing part of the performance - even though crowd wasn't full of old-school diehards, you would never have known it. Everyone was completely in synch with Maiden, banging their heads and screaming."

Up the Irons!


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