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Friday, August 26, 2005

Magic Johnson's TGIFridays

Lotta stuff today.

1. Gas Station Workers Face Angry Customers

DALLAS - It's a scene gas station workers say is becoming increasingly common and frightening: Customers angry over gas prices nearing $3 a gallon storm in and decide to take it out on the employees.

"They just yell and scream," said Selam Berhe, assistant manager at a Dallas Tetco station. "They think it's only us that are high-priced."

Incidents of consumer anger and gas-station crime have made headlines across the country, including the killing of a gas station owner in Alabama last week by a driver attempting to steal $52 worth of gas.

How'd I miss that story?!
Alvin Benefield, 42, surrendered Thursday and was being held on theft and manslaughter charges in the death of Husain "Tony" Caddi, police said.

Berhe recalled the particularly belligerent behavior of a man who ranted about the prices to everyone in the station.

"He walked in the store and said, 'Do you work here? This is ridiculous,'" Berhe said. "He was telling each and every customer. I was like, I don't make the prices."

Gas prices are about $2.56 in Texas, up from $1.80 at the same time last year.
$2.89 all over Hollywood.

Glad the rest of the country is catchin' up.

2. Poll: Many Back Right to Protest Iraq War

Many = 9 out of 10.

90% of us.
WASHINGTON - An overwhelming number of people say critics of the Iraq war should be free to voice their objections — a rare example of widespread agreement about a conflict that has divided the nation along partisan lines.

Nearly three weeks after a grieving California mother named Cindy Sheehan started her anti-war protest near President Bush's Texas ranch, nine of 10 people surveyed in an AP-Ipsos poll say it's OK for war opponents to publicly share their concerns about the conflict.

"Part of the Constitution is the First Amendment," said Mike Malone, a salesman from Odessa, Fla. "We have the right to disagree with the government."
You wouldn't think that if you listen to the folks on CNNFOXMSNBCABCNBCCBS.
With the U.S. death toll in Iraq climbing past 1,870 with an especially bloody August, the public's opinion of the Bush administration's handling of the war has been eroding over the past two years.

Overall attitudes about the war — while negative — haven't changed dramatically through the summer and a solid majority, 60 percent, want U.S. troops to stick it out until Iraq is stable.

The poll found that most people disapprove of the Bush administration's conduct of the war and think the war was a mistake. Half believe it has increased the threat of terrorism.

Democrats overwhelmingly question the president's policies, while Republicans overwhelmingly support them.


The AP-Ipsos poll found that Republicans are the most likely to disapprove of people voicing opposition to the war.
You're kidding.
Robin Brown, a Republican from Douglasville, Ga., says the U.S. troops will eventually achieve their mission "if people will hang in there with them."
Um, what's "the mission?"

Don't think we're gonna be able to PRIVATIZE the entire country.

That was the original mission.
Vivian Snyder, a Republican from Staten Island, N.Y., said she disagreed with the decision to invade Iraq, but doesn't want troops to leave yet. "Otherwise, it's all for nothing."
No comment.

3. Atrios

Dude posted an old story from the Washington Post today re: the "Domino Theory," a theory the Reaganites used back in the 80's to, uh, make their case against "Marxist" forces in Central America.
Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger yesterday referred to the stakes in EL SALVADOR'S CIVIL WAR in terms of global competition between the United States and Soviet Union, saying a communist victory in El Salvador could pressure the United States to pull out of Europe and Asia to defend its southern borders.

Weinberger, interviewed on "Face the Nation" (CBS, WDVM), also said that "there is no question" that with additional U.S. military aid, the Salvadoran army "can prevail" over the Marxist guerrillas.

If that happens, "WE'LL ALL BE ALOT SAFER than having another communist foothold such as Cuba right on the mainland," he added.
Fight them there VS fight them here.

We'll all be a lot safer.


Speaking yesterday on "Meet the Press" (NBC, WRC), Colorado Sen. Gary Hart, an announced candidate for the 1984 Democratic presidential nomination, said he would OPPOSE further aid to El Salvador unless strict conditions are attached to it because it is not possible to "achieve democracy out of the barrel of guns."
CUT TO Hart's presidential bid.

Hart had a strong showing in '84, and was 20 points ahead of Dukakis in '88 when the Donna Rice thing broke.

Methinks that comments like "it is not possible to achieve democracy out of the barrel of gun" will, uh, piss certain people off.

And will put you in their sights.


"Because IT IS possible to achieve democracy in that particular manner."


Back to the WaPo piece.

Read this next bit carefully:
Weinberger suggested several times yesterday that the Salvadoran civil war poses a THREAT to the United States' southern borders.

"The simple fact is the El Salvadorans have chosen a government, and it is certainly very much against our interests to allow that freely choosen government to be subverted and turned into another very repressive regime that would be then much more in a position to make that kind of communist gain further north up toward Mexico and toward our own borders," he said.

"Their purpose is, as we see it," he said, "TO ATTACK THE UNITED STATES in . . . this incremental way, from the south, knowing that as they got closer that would mean that we would have to--or would at least have strong pressures formed--to pull ourselves out of Europe, and out of Japan and Korea, and establish some sort of a Fortress America concept, which would serve the Soviet purposes very well globally."
Where have we heard that before?

"Don't you remember when Marxist rebels flew planes into the Sears Tower?!"


Finally, Sharon Osbourne.

Mrs. Ozzy released a press statement last night - directed at Maiden's MGR Rod Smallwood:
On closing, yes, I DID cut Iron Maiden's sound.

This is the way I look at it: Ozzfest is our tour. We built it into something that's lasted 10 years now. We've been responsible for breaking many new bands and resurrecting the careers of former superstars. Part of our success stems from the fact that when a band is on Ozzfest we treat them with nothing but kindness and respect just as if we had invited them into our home. You can ask all of the bands who have been on the tour. They all describe it as the "ultimate summer camp." It's like one big family. Unfortunately Dickinson doesn't have the manners to realize that when you are invited into someone's home, are seated at their dinner table, are eating their food and drinking their wine, you shouldn't talk disrespectfully about them (Ozzy, Black Sabbath and Ozzfest), otherwise you just might get your ass handed to you. Every action has a reaction. Was Dickinson so naïve to think that I was going to let him get away with talking sh*t about my family night after night? I don't think he realizes who he's dealing with.

I will not endure behavior like this from anyone.

I know you would love to keep talking about this because this is the most press that Iron Maiden has had in the U.S. in twenty years, but let's move on, shall we?


The "Real" Iron Maiden

Sharon Osbourne

Needless to say, my dear friends on Maiden's Message Board are pissed.
"I Say Eff that Dried up old doeche bag sharon osbourne, She's a shitty mother who has raised impolite, spoiled rotten, nasty little drug addict childen..."

"The woman really needs meds and a therapist asap."

"Well, that's how crazy people repay kindness. No one EVER said she should've been let out of the institute."

"What a selfish bitch. She acts like she is proud of her stupidity. She admitted to turning off the sound???????????? What the fuck? I didn't pay for that crap. Get a clue Sharon, BEG THE FANS FORGIVENESS cuz you fucked them. Whatever you feel towards Bruce needs to be settled in private or better yet in Court. Put you getting judgement handed down on you by the judge on your pathetic show, it would be better than watching Kelly eat easy mac or Jack partying with chicks that will never do him, or ozzy mumble and stumble."
She should've just cut Bruce's mike.

The total power cut felt like a train hitting a brick wall.

Up the Irons!

More later...


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