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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


The most important political commentary on-line?

"Talking Points Memo?"






Yahoo Message Boards.

Every news story on Yahoo has a message board - which gives Yahoo members an infinite number of opportunities to share their (conservative) "thoughts" and "feelings" with the world.

I can tell you this: The Cindy Sheehan thing has truly "inspired" some phenomenal postings from the other side of the fence. Yes, "libtards" post, too. But for the sake of today's blog, I'm just going to give you the Re-PUG-lican POV.

And's greatest hits...miss-spelinngggs and all...and member reactions to one simple story:

Bush Neighbor Lets War Protesters Use Land

Here we go.

Macintosh-4-ever writes, "I wish, they'd just leave."
"Their trash, KFC boxs. beer & coke cans, and used kotex are blowing all over the place and it's smells lke a hog farm. It's just horrible. The Shehan disciples are filthy."
Well said.

M-4-E also reports that, "Local 7/11's...of Beer, Condom's, Tampons, Beef Jerky (?), and Asprin because of Sheehan protesters." (Solid reporting!)

Rgt Wng Patriot opines, "ONLY Homos and Whiners r w/ Her."
Look at all the people who support these folks. The demographics speak for itself. Ask the average WORKING American.
Interesting observation.

"It was some big fancy hand painted one. I put it in my SUV and drove to the river and tossed it off a bridge.

I laughed to myself today as I drove by and the sap was out front in his yard, drinking his cafe late, and yelling about his missing sign.

I waved as I drove by."
Thank you for your continued service, Mister Camel Toe.

(To be fair, "libtard" Traynor Howe responds to Mister Camel Toe's post by asking, "Hey Cameltoe - was that before or masturbated to you life-sized posters of Jessica Lynch and Lyndie English?" Comedy.)

Hard-core analysis from Ateitsuk: CONDOM MEMORIAL DESTROYED?
"Libs have found JESUS. libs have FOUND the CROSS. Libs now allow religion on PUBLIC PEOPERTY. PRAISE THE LORD. NAW, just libs using a brokenhearted non FORGIVING, VENGEFUL CATHOLIC mother. If those were "condoms" and not crosses,representing those dead soldiers I would know LIBS are flying their TRUE COLORS"

Ateitsuk follows up his briliant op-ed piece with, "UH, CINDY, SAY THE HAIL MARY FOR LIBS":
Another "put on" is upon us, by a liberal wailer who uses crosses as a prop, to promote her vengence and hate. Now, you will not see this CATHOLIC mother say one HAIL MARY in public for the CAMERAS and especially AIR AMERICA. AIN't GONNA HAPPEN, since saying the HAIL MARY is REVULSIVE TO LIBS, and their humanist brothers in hate of JESUS.
Clearly, Ateitsuk is an up-and-comer!

From Freejorandvandersloot: CINDY'S VAGINA SMELLS LIKE ASS SOUP
"Her smelly vagina could become an environmental hazard, then you will have more of you lib protesters protesting the protesers!!!"
A new angle for Mr. O'Reilly.

Roadtrip26 follows up the previous post with this gem:
"Cindy paid me $10 to pee on her."
That has not been reported in the mainstream media, but will probably show up on Drudge this afternoon.

Clydelangford writes, "Who cares if he ran over..."
"that groups trash. The governor has got to send out the prison clean-up crews to pick up their trash anyway. Most of the protesters know what thats ALL ABOUT, LOL."

And finally, Gopackinapex writes, "WHEN WILL STUPID ASS LIBS REALIZE..."
That the the only way to deal with muslims is war? They do not care who is President, they do not care about peace and prosperity and the good of human kind..Every conflict in the world today involves muzzies, and unfortunately the only way to deal with their crazy asses is war...Kill them before they kill you.
Finally, some honesty from the Right.

Methinks some Bushies are thinkin' the same thing as our dear friend Gopackinapex.

Almost 15,000 posts to the above mentioned story.

More later...


  • Horrifying on so many levels I'm not sure to where begin.

    I heard commentary from G. Gordon Liddy on the subject today though and it was HYSTERICAL. "You know, when my son got his face blown off in Panama, Mrs. Liddy was upset, but you didn't see her go down to the president's place and complain. She went to support her son in the hospital while he grew his face back. Then he went on to Kuwait, Iraq, Somalia, and later Baghdad and is a Lt. Colonel in the Marines. That's how you do it."


    Face blown off?

    Face grew back?

    I heard an Air America comment on this point asking if the face thing meant Liddy supports stem cell research.

    This place is getting weirder by the day.

    By Anonymous Nick, at 8:32 PM  

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