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Thursday, August 18, 2005


The "Message Board posts" have not been edited in any way shape or form.


Was gonna cover Venezuela today...

But the following AP story brought me back to the on-line, Yahoo message board party:

Al-Qaida Leader in Saudi Arabia Killed

Our dear friends on the other side of the fence are very excited about this news...and are using the internet to celebrate in their own special way.


Here we go.

Rebellious1 writes, "BURN A LIBERAL ALIVE..."
In celebration of this $hithead's death.
Party games.

Pin the tail on the donkey. Bobbing for apples. Burn a liberal alive.

(Actually, I watched some Ozzfest fans burn some small children alive during last year's Slayer set. Horrific, I can tell you.)

Cwsnrps gives "thanks"
"to the guy who plugged his sorry ass."
Well said!

Chris44gw reports that, "Libs say 'He was a leader and a friend'"
That's why you america hating libsurgent twats will never be in control of anything again. Go hate america somewhere else, libsurgent traitors.
NY Times Op-Ed material, to be sure.

Baron Von Frankenstein reminds us that, "FREEDOM IS ON THE MARCH AGAIN LIBTURDS..."
"not thanks to your whining and fifth-column treacherous conduct."
Noted, sir.

Urban Cat Hunter asks,
"Does he still get the virgins? or do you have to strap a bomb to your chest, and blow up little kids to get the virgins?"
Dunno. a great question.

One heartless b itch beats the top reporters in Washington by reporting that Clinton will attend this "Al-Qaeda leader's" funeral and...
will be presenting a eulogy for his fallen friend.
Memo to EJ Dionne & Tom Oliphant: You've been scooped!

Justballinbigd takes a stab at poetry with:
"Oh happy day...when al qaida leader in saudia arabia got blown away."
Simple...yet powerful.

Scirroso responds to Justballinbigd's poem by claiming that,
"all those towell headed sand niggers as well as there leberal butt buddies should be hung out and dried.
Justballinbigd then responds to Scirroso's post by stating,
"being an American...."nigger" i fail to see the honor in your choice of description but it is your right, but be it know Arabs from Saudia Arabia pride them selves in the fact of having anglo features and pale complexions, they can afford the rags."
You know, sometimes it's hard to follow brilliant minds.

Chomsky, Zinn, Gore Vidal...

Gonna add Justballinbigd to that list.

And finally, Boffo04 has a plan:
Just bring the a$$hole back to life...and then kill him again over and over."
Good times.

Good times.

Good times.

More later...


  • You know what my favorite part is? That these selected geniuses are ignoring the fact that an Al Quada operative was caught/killed in ... Saudi Arabia? Huh? Aren't the Saudis on our side?

    Fifth columnists indeed.

    By Anonymous Nick, at 12:32 PM  

  • oh there are so many "best parts" in this... >sigh<

    Sometimes it just feels like this all just machismo run amock... but it can't be that simple can it? Base appeals to the repitilian parts of our brains?

    By Blogger Sumisu, at 1:46 PM  

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