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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Don Rumsfeld: Working For You!

Happy Thursday.

Gas prices are totally out of control in Hollywood. $2.75 at the Shell on Verdugo & Hollywood Way. $2.80-something at the Chevron on Highland & Franklin.


Gonna tie some more news together.

Today's headline:

Rumsfeld: Iraq bombs 'clearly from Iran'

The CNN headline from October, 2005:

"Tons of IRAQ explosives missing"

Today's news:
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Tuesday that weapons recently confiscated in Iraq were "clearly, unambiguously from Iran" and admonished Tehran for allowing the explosives to cross the border.

Iran's defense minister denied the claims in a report carried by the state-run news agency IRNA.

According to Ali Shamkhani, Iran is playing no role in Iraqi affairs, including "its alleged involvement in bomb explosions."

The shipment of sophisticated bombs was confiscated in the past two weeks by U.S. and Iraqi troops in southern Iraq, senior U.S. officials said Monday.

Although he would not comment on whether the Iranian government was directly involved, Rumsfeld said, "it's notably unhelpful for the Iranians to be allowing weapons of those types to be crossing the border."


Rumsfeld said the weapons create problems for the Iraqi government, coalition forces and the international community.

"And ultimately, IT'S A PROBLEM FOR IRAN," he added.

When asked if that was a threat of possible retaliation, Rumsfeld replied, "I don't imply threats. You know that."
"Even though I just did."

Back to that OLD CNN story, people: October 25, 2004.
(CNN) -- Some 380 tons of explosives powerful enough to detonate nuclear warheads are missing from a former Iraqi military facility that was supposed to be under American control, the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog agency says.

Melissa Fleming, spokeswoman for the International Atomic Energy Agency, said the interim Iraqi government reported to the agency several days ago in a letter that the explosives were missing from the Al Qaqaa complex south of Baghdad.

The explosives -- considered powerful enough to demolish buildings or detonate nuclear warheads -- were under IAEA control until the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003. IAEA workers left the country before the fighting began.

"Our immediate concern is that if the explosives did fall into the WRONG HANDS, they could be used to commit TERRORIST ACTS and some of the bombings that we've seen," Fleming said
More info from the LA Times:

"Soldiers Describe Looting of Explosives"

Iraqi explosives.
WASHINGTON - In the weeks after the fall of Baghdad, IRAQI LOOTERS loaded powerful explosives into pickup trucks and drove the material away from the Al Qaqaa ammunition site, according to a group of U.S. Army reservists and National Guardsmen who said they witnessed the looting.
Iraqi looters.
The soldiers said about a dozen U.S. troops guarding the sprawling facility could not prevent the theft because they were outnumbered by looters. Soldiers with one unit - the 317th Support Center based in Wiesbaden, Germany - said they sent a message to commanders in Baghdad requesting help to secure the site but received no reply.

The witnesses' accounts of the looting, the first provided by U.S. soldiers, support claims that the American military failed to safeguard the munitions.

During the last week, when revelations of the missing explosives became an issue in the presidential campaign, the Bush administration suggested that the munitions could have been carted off by Saddam Hussein's forces before the war began. Pentagon officials later said that U.S. troops systematically destroyed hundreds of tons of explosives at Al Qaqaa after Baghdad fell.
And now...Rumsfeld is saying that some explosives are coming from Iran.


So what do the IRAQIS think of Dandy Don's claim?

Iraqi: Iran Smuggling Reports Exaggerated

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq's interior minister said Wednesday that reports of deadly roadside bombs being smuggled into this country from Iran are exaggerated.
On Tuesday, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said some insurgent weapons are entering Iraq from Iran although it's unclear whether they were coming from elements of the Iranian government or from other parties.

Interior Minister Bayan Jabr told reporters that Iraqi security forces recently opened fire on a group of men carrying boxes near the Iranian border. The men dropped the boxes and fled back into Iranian territory. Inside the boxes were dynamite sticks with some wires.

"This is all that happened at the border and was very much exaggerated," Jabr said.

Tie the news together, people.


I will definitely take a run at James Dobson's "concern" for PRE-HOMOSEXUAL boys tomorrow...

But before I do:
“My son couldn’t care less about sports and the great outdoors. He’s painfully shy and easily gets hurt. Other kids call him a sissy. I’ve tried everything. My boy even wimped out of Cub Scouts. What am I supposed to do?”

“Our oldest daughter, Lisa, is starting junior high soon. She’s a hopeless tomboy. If she had her way, she’d never wear skirts or dresses. She can’t wait to sign up for the school wrestling team this fall. If I say no, she’ll throw a fit. Where’s the magic wand so I can turn her into a lovely princess?”

“My ex-husband spends very little time with our son, who has begun exhibiting some rather effeminate behaviors. I’m afraid he’s picked up those mannerisms from me. I’ve tried to be the best parent I can, but it’s BACKFIRING. What can I do before it’s too late?"
Obvioulsy, you've got to turn to the Lord.

For a quick briefing on this important subject, check out THIS piece from the Daily Kos.

Peace out, bitches.


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