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Monday, August 01, 2005

Deliverance in the Tetons

Morning, boys and girls.

Gonna take a time-out from BOLTON, Rove, Mercs, et al, to talk about a subject near and dear to my heart: The Grand Tetons. Me favorite part of the 'kin country, I can tell you.

Currently, 'thars a storm a tearin' through th' Teton Valley, and the towns o' Victor, Driggs, and Tetonia.

A storm over this book:

Deliverance in the Tetons

It's a big-un.

Seems that an ol' cowboy, Martin "Hessy" R. Baler, has written a tell-all book about his, uh, "experiences" in the Valley. According to the book's web-site:
"Deliverance in The Tetons" is a story of sexual and psychological abuse on a scale you probably cannot imagine unless you read this book. The story is told in the words of Hessy, the illiterate cowboy who lived it (warning: some will object to the language used). In this book, Hessy confronts his abusers, many of whom are still alive.
Author's note:
I have to apologize, I guess, about my language and so forth in this book. You might think I'm a dirty, ignorant bastard. But that's the way I was brought up and that's how I express myself. The first lady who tried to help me write this down was trying to clean up the language and lost the story. So I decided I'd just do it like I said it.


I've decided on the title I did because if you ever seen the movie "Deliverance" it will give you an idea of how I was raised, and the people who raised me. My mother was a bitch if there ever was one, and I was called a bastard my whole entire life. And if you put those mountain men in that movie up against the Baler boys, those ole boys would be kinda qualified more like Sunday School teachers compared to the "Baler Mafia."
There are some excerpts on the web-site, and, uh, they're totally out of control.

Rape, attempted murder, horses, buckets, yada yada.

Total craziness.

Hessy claims to have been "subjected" (repeatedly) to something called "training," a process by which western men "break" little boys (like you would a horse) by, uh, raping them. The goal being...uh...slave for life.

Not gonna post his allegations - they're way too grim.

"And not for kids!"


Folks in th' Valley are super-upset with Hessy, beyond upset, because dude named lotsa names. Real names. Family names. Names that are still living in the area.

The Valley is basically one big small town (even though the Teton Valley is one of the fastest growing counties in the country) - the old families are very much a part of the fabric of life there - so "Deliverance" is causing a heap o' protests.

Public comments from book's web-site:
Hessy when you get to prison you will be able to live out your fantasies with lots of big bl*ck guys.


Do you now live in Montana, Hessy? I have been told that Men are Men in Montana, and sheep are scared. Maybe if you write another book of fiction and lies, you could relate your stories of being a sheepherder and how you "trained the sheep."


The reason why he slanders me now is because we did a two year shootout in the city of Tetonia for him and quit because we were the entertainment and he charged us 20.00 a night to eat, so we quit. I had also shoed several colts for 25.00 a head when the going rate was 35.00, and he owed me 250.00, so he called my competitor, Rob Hill to shoe, and Rob called me and told me, minutes later hessy called me to shoe and i told him to fuck off. That is the reason why he has printed slanderous words against me, we never spoke again. To you Hessy, you better pray to god i never find you alive.


What about that mule you used to have, Hessy? It was my understanding when the "mule" saw you coming with a "bucket" it ran like Hell to its stall in the barn, turning its rear-end towards the stall corner, so as not to be vulnerable to the "training." Too bad the "mule" was not a talking "mule"!!!!!!!!


You are one sick and twisted thing. You are not even good enough to be called a person. You are a waste of skin. I hope your death is long and painful. Someone is going to kill you and I hope I can shake their hand for ridding this world of a sick fuck like yourself. Burn in Hell Hessy. Maybe the devil will f*ck you in the ass too!!!

The rest of the comments read like typical Yahoo message board posts ("Libs=Clinton=Child Rapists") but they definitely spell out the rage re: this book. Nearly all of the comments suggest that Hessy has gone mad and "written" a book filled with total lies.

If that's true, dude's got QUITE an imagination.

Check it out.

More later...

Back to the Bushies manana.

It'll be interesting to watch the reactions to the Bolton appointment.


  • The website is down. How can this book, "Deliverance In the Tetons" by Hessy Baler be purchased?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:30 PM  

  • i lived in that valley and his observations of persons my age group and older are not shocking.haven't people read under heaven's banner or know who polygymists are.even tv has it's version with the series that rivals weeds..big love.combine them and get burt reynolds.his title deliverance is obviously a duel reference to the movie and his christian philosophy...bad pun warning***turn the other cheek.
    think of the news lately where large cities harbor men with stolen male children who play gameboys,attend school and aren't running away.daily their lives weren't threatened-so why doubt what anyone chooses to do,or has been subjected to.are you offended that there isn't normalcy in your neighborhood.extreme dysfunction exists within a mile,probably a statistic proves wyoming the zillionaires already have the extreme lifestyle and can afford you shudder to think what rich people do in private.where was neverland again?waco,ruby ridge,ghianna how did this exist in the same era...its new domain,is the internet.where children can solicit directly.and often.if there is no substitute for love-why are there so many pills to enhance it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:16 AM  

  • you can get it in the public library,where i read it and returned it.the publisher can be found through library also....i also lived for a while in montana ask one of them ole boys at a local cafe what 666 means on the badge.hint*six feet under.lookout deadwood you have some seroius competitionif they make his book a new series on cable.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:21 AM  

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  • If you question these shenanigans as a subdued word you need to smell roses or sewer gas. The later is much closer to reality. I have lived in the valley over 20 years and I can't count on hands and feet how many times I have said never in 40, never in 50, never in 60 years have I ever seen anything close to that. And just dare to run another tune on your life radio. I feel sorry for new folks moving in, only thing new is how well it is all covered up by an out of control local church stakes that loose members as fast as it sells conversions. Females take warn, you are not equal, your not even an American anymore, you are a tool, and those male gods have seemingly unstoppable power over you. So how do the boys grow up? In fear until they adopt "the way"! The law? In Teton Valley all part of the system that extends beyond.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:12 PM  

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