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Monday, July 18, 2005

We're Never Wrong!

Back when W was in campaign mode, dude promised to "restore honor and dignity" to the White House.

(This was Rove's way of slamming Clinton and keeping Monica in the minds of 'Mericans when they went to the polls. You see, there was no "Saddam Hussein" or "Osama" back then. Just Clinton and a blow job in the White House. Which, I GUARANTEE YOU, will happen there - with someone - today.)

Then, when W was elected, W said that his Administration must avoid...even the APPEARANCE of ethical problems.
"[W]e must remember the high standards that come with high office. This begins with careful adherence to the rules.

I expect every member of this Administration to stay well within the boundaries that define legal and ETHICAL conduct.


This means checking and, if need be, double-checking that the rules have been obeyed. This means never compromising those rules. No one in the White House should be afraid to confront the people they work for, for ethical concerns. And no one should hesitate to confront me, as well." [Public Papers of the Presidents, 1/29/01]

So...where are we today?

Bush Vows to Fire Anyone CONVICTED of Leak

Damn. Karl can get back to the biz of running the White House again.
WASHINGTON -- President Bush said Monday that if anyone on his staff committed a CRIME in the CIA-leak case, that person will "no longer work in my administration." At the same time, Bush yet again sidestepped a question on the role of his top political adviser, Karl Rove, in the matter.

That's the bar: Being CONVICTED of a crime.

And what are the chances of that - in a world where they control ALL branches of government?!

Bush lied about restoring honor. And dealing with the APPEARANCE of ethical problems. Period.

"What did you expect for nothing...rubber biscuit?"

We can still dream, though.

Great article on what drove these cats to attack Wilson in the LA Times:

Top Aides Reportedly Set Sights on Wilson

"Rove and Cheney chief of staff were intent on discrediting CIA agent's husband, prosecutors have been told."

The story:
WASHINGTON — Top aides to President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were intensely focused on DISCREDITING former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV IN THE DAYS AFTER he wrote an op-ed article for the New York Times suggesting the administration MANIPULATED INTELLIGENCE to justify going to war in Iraq, federal investigators have been told.
Us "crazy lefties" have known about this aspect of the story from day one - glad it's finally coming to light.
Prosecutors investigating whether administration officials illegally leaked the identity of Wilson's wife, a CIA officer who had worked undercover, have been told that Bush's top political strategist, Karl Rove, and Cheney's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, were especially intent on undercutting Wilson's credibility, according to people familiar with the inquiry.

Although lower-level White House staffers typically handle most contacts with the media, Rove and Libby began personally communicating with reporters about Wilson, prosecutors were told.

A source directly familiar with information provided to prosecutors said Rove's interest was so strong that it prompted questions in the White House. When asked at one point why he was pursuing the diplomat so aggressively, Rove reportedly responded: "HE'S A DEMOCRAT." Rove then cited Wilson's campaign donations, which leaned toward Democrats, the person familiar with the case said.
What a dick.

"He's a Deomcrat."

What a dick.
The disclosures about the officials' roles illustrate White House concern about Wilson's July 6, 2003, article, which challenged the administration's assertion that Iraq had sought to purchase nuclear materials. Wilson's article appeared as Rove and other Bush aides were preparing the 2004 RE-ELECTION campaign STRATEGY, which was built largely around the president's response to the SEPT. 11 terrorist attacks and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

It is not surprising that White House officials would be upset by an attack like Wilson's or seek to respond aggressively. But special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald is examining whether they or others crossed the legal line by improperly disclosing classified information, or whether they perjured themselves in testifying later about their actions. Both Rove and Libby have testified.
Key words! Rove, White House, RE-ELECTION STRATEGY, Sept. 11, Saddam Hussein.

Anything that threatened Rove's strategy? KA-BOOM!



We know Joe went to Africa. We know the White House IGNORED his findings. I'm sure some documents were produced. So what the fuck?!

"You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"

Neither can the Bushies.


Here's ANOTHER lame GOP excuse for Rove. A new one - in an article that also presents Libby to John Q. Wal-Mart:

Reporter Says Cheney Aide Was a Source

WASHINGTON - The vice president's chief of staff, Lewis Libby, was a source along with the president's chief political adviser for a Time story that identified a CIA officer, the magazine reporter said Sunday, further countering White House claims that neither aide was involved in the leak.


The only concession by any REPUBLICAN in the controversy came from Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri, the third-ranking House Republican.

Asked about the White House's previous statements that Rove was not involved, Blunt told CBS' "Face the Nation" that spokesmen for the White House "need to be very thoughtful about what they say and be sure that their credibility is sustained."
Here's the new excuse:
Blunt said many people in Washington understood that Plame worked at the CIA and went to its headquarters every day.

It "certainly wouldn't be the first time that the CIA might have been OVERZEALOUS in sort of maintaining the kind of top-secret definition on things LONGER THAN THEY NEEDED TO," Blunt said.

The CIA might have been overzealous - in hiding Valerie's identity. Longer than they needed to. Therefore...?


What a dick.

"Today's GOP: Trust Us, We're NEVER Wrong!"

What a dick.


Phenomenal editorial from KOS this morning.

Should be in the NY Times:
In the days after the discovery of Deep Throat's identity, many people noted how Watergate would be impossible in today's political climate -- where partisanship trumps the truth inside a GOP machine so deeply entrenched in this country's governance structure that it controls the White House, House, Senate, Supreme Court, most appelate courts, and the media. And where the GOP can do no wrong, regardless of the ethical or criminal transgression.

It is quite instructive and shocking, even with this administration, that the outing of a CIA agent, her front company, and god knows how many other agents and operations, is met with a collective shrug from wingnut circles. While a blow job gave them the vapors, a genuine breach of national security gives them no pause, gives them no reason to abandon "the architect". Political power trumps everything -- even the safety of our nation.

Given what we know of the case, we know that Rove violated his non-disclose agreement. We know that Rove acted unethically, without regard to the consequences of his actions. Whether a crime has been committed remains to be seen, but shouldn't matter a whit.


Right-thinking people -- even Republicans -- should look at these unfolding events with horror.


But to modern-day Republicans and their apologists, they can do no wrong. No Republican's action is worthy of scorn or censure. They are perfect. Flawless. Immune to error. Godlike.

How someone could be reduced to that level is beyond me. Republicans have now sent notice that they place allegiance to party and power above their allegiance to the United States of America. To them, the elephant flies above the Stars and Stripes.
"More filth from the MoveOn wing of the Democrat party!"

And how.



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