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Saturday, July 30, 2005

One Story

One story today:

"More Troops Developing Latent Mental Disorders"

Typical bullshit mainstream-media headline.

The REAL headline is simple:

"30% of the US Troops Returning From Iraq - Have MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS"

WASHINGTON - THIRTY PERCENT of U.S. troops returning from the Iraq war have developed stress-related mental health problems three to four months after coming home, the Army’s surgeon general said Thursday.
So wrong.
The problems include anxiety, depression, nightmares, anger and an inability to concentrate, said Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley and other military medical officials. A smaller number of troops, often with more severe symptoms, were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, a serious mental illness.


Military medical officials, however, cautioned against people reading their data as suggesting THE WAR had driven so many soldiers over the edge.

It would be crazy to suggest that WAR pushes people over the edge.
Instead, they characterized the anxiety and stress as NORMAL REACTIONS to combat, seeing dead and mutilated bodies, and feeling helpless to stop a violent situation.
How about - fighting in a country that was suposed to "great them as liberators" - and dealing with a vicious insurgency?
Still, such reactions can lead to problems with spouses and children, substance abuse and just day-to-day life, they said.


Truck drivers and convoy guards in Iraq are developing mental health problems in greater numbers than other troops, Ritchie said, suggesting the long hours on the road, constantly under threat of attack, are taking their toll.
Could you possibly imagine...driving that gauntlet?

Historically, mental health problems have always been a part of warfare, and were looked at systematically when shellshock cases accounted for significant losses during World War I.

(Ritchie) said mental health cases ebb and flow during a war, and suggested they are sometimes connected to a soldier’s sense of the success of the larger war effort.
That statement gets me - because the blame game is ON.

I can hear Rush Limbaugh now - blaming the mental health problems on the "libs" and the "democrat" anti-war movement.

Not on the men who put these guys into a FUCKED situation.


These guys better get ALL the care they need. And they better not spend one f*ing dime of their own money on health care.

"You're not sick, soldier. We see no signs of PTSD in ya. So why don't you just take a vacation, and forget about all that other stuff..."

Mor later...


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