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Monday, June 27, 2005

War is Hell

Really sad.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer -

"Father nabbed at airport after taking his two kids - Man spotted following an Amber Alert"

Any guesses re: why the dude snapped?
With the help of a Southwest Airlines passenger, an Amber Alert ended Saturday morning with the rescue of two children from their mentally disturbed father, police said.

According to Cleveland police Lt. Thomas Stacho and the Amber Alert issued to the media, this is what happened:

Nichole Abdul Zahir of East 113th Street told police that her husband, Muhammed S. Abdul Zahir, took their toddler and infant about 12:05 a.m. Saturday from a relative's Central Avenue home.

The alert was issued around 7 a.m., after police were able to determine that Muhammed Zahir, a custodial parent, could be a threat. Amber Alerts cannot be issued unless there is reason to believe a child might be harmed.

Zahir, 24, was seeing a psychiatrist at WALTER REED Army Hospital in Washington, D.C., who told police Zahir was paranoid and delusional and was at risk to "do something dangerous."

Zahir, a soldier in the Army WHO HAD RETURNED FROM IRAQ, was wearing desert camouflage clothes when his wife last saw him and when he was captured.
Post-traumatic stress...or good old-fashioned American domestic craziness?


But I do know this: Some guys are having a tough time re-adjusting. Dude comes home, attacks his elderly parents; dude comes home, beats his wife; dude comes home, hurts himself.

These guys (the soldiers who've been fighting in Iraq) better get 1000% of the CARE - and the MONEY - that's owed to them. And more.

If they're having trouble adjusting - if they're suffering from PTSD - if they're getting sick from exposure to dupleted uranium - whatever.

Whatever it takes.

Senators see red over Veterans Affairs $1 billion shortfall

WASHINGTON — The Department of Veterans Affairs has told Congress its health-care costs grew faster than expected and left a $1 billion hole in its budget this year, lawmakers say.

House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Steve Buyer, R-Ind., said Thursday the department can meet this year's health-care costs by drawing on spare funds and money from other operations, including construction.

Yet next year's health-care budget falls more than $1 billion short, said Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho.
"I was on the phone this morning with Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson letting him know that I am not pleased that this has happened," said Craig, chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.
Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said, "This shortfall results from either deliberate misdirection or gross incompetence by this administration and the Department of Veteran Affairs."

The shortage came to light during a routine budget review. Lawmakers said they still are gathering details, but it appears HEALTH CARE FOR VETERANS RETURNING FROM IRAQ and Afghanistan and poor budget forecasting contributed to the problem.

The saddest story WILL BE this one:

"You're not sick, soldier. If you are, you didn't get 'sick' in Iraq. So 'we're' not responsible. But you live in America, son. A country with affordable health care for all. So head down to your local Kaiser and tell them that you..."

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More later...


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