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Sunday, June 19, 2005





Just checking.

Prices are fairly low here in Hollywood today - around $2.35 for the cheap stuff - but they'll hit A NEW RECORD when the all the costs are figured out - BY THE 4TH OF JULY VACATION WEEK.


Gonna cost me $300 to drive the dog to the Grand Tetons.

"Get a better job!"

Will do.


Our Kid is at it again.

Sez we're in E-raq 'coz of 9/11.

Gonna tell us about it on June 28th.

A preview of stuff we've been hearing for the past FOUR YEARS -- Here.

And away we go:
WASHINGTON (AFP) - President George W. Bush defended the war in Iraq, telling Americans THE UNITED STATES WAS FORCED INTO WAR BECAUSE OF THE SEPTEMBER 11 terror strikes.

WE were forced into war because the Neo-Cons wanted to invade Iraq - to take its assets, to create a fully privatized country for their big money friends, and to teach Saddam a lesson for not playing ball anymore - and saw a kick-ass opportunity in the post-9/11 world.

When most American were in a post-9/11 haze. And worried about another attack.
Bush also resisted calls for him to set a timetable for the return of thousands of US troops deployed in Iraq, saying Iraqis must be able to defend their own country before US soldiers can be pulled out.

"We went to war because we were attacked, and we are at war today because there are still people out there who want to harm our country and hurt our citizens," Bush said Saturday in his weekly radio address.
No mention of BIN LADEN.

Dude had the chance to throw the full might of the US military toward the people who were truly responsible for 9/11, but divvied up the troops and sent most of 'em to Iraq. To carry out the Neo-Con plan. (Which they drew up - in the 90's)

And now...dude is covering his tracks.
Bush began a public relations offensive to defend the war as his approval rating has dropped well BELOW 50 percent with Americans expressing skepticism about the invasion.


"Some may disagree with my decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power, but all of us can agree that the world's terrorists HAVE NOW MADE IRAQ a central front in the war on terror," said the president.
Yeah. Because YOU had no plans for a post-Saddam Iraq, no plans to appease all the different (and feuding) Iraqi factions, and no plans to properly secure the country.

YOU created this situation, bud.

Iraq was NOT a central front in the "war on terror" on September 12, 2001.
"These foreign terrorists violently oppose the rise of a free and democratic Iraq, because they know that when we replace despair and hatred with liberty and hope, they lose their recruiting grounds for terror," he argued.

"Our troops are fighting these terrorists in Iraq SO YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO FACE THEM HERE AT HOME."

I'm SO sick of that line.

Fear-mongering 101.

Remember during the Clinton years, when the "evil-doers" sacked Naperville, Illinois?

Jesus, that was terrible.

Thank God for Batman.

What about the time when the "people who hate our freedoms" blew up Whiskey Pete's in Primm, Nevada?

A June 13 USA Today poll showed that almost six of 10 Americans, 59 percent, want a full or partial pullout of US troops from Iraq.

In a New York Times/CBS News poll among 1,111 adults, Bush's approval rating dropped to 42 percent while 59 percent disapproved of his handling of Iraq.

Lawmakers from both parties, opposition Democrats and Bush's own Republicans, have called for a time frame for withdrawing from Iraq. More than 1,700 US soldiers have been killed there since US and British troops invaded in March 2003.
Speaking of Republicans --

Check this out:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush needs to tell Americans the nation faces "a long, hard slog" in Iraq, a KEY REPUBLICAN SENATOR said on Sunday, and another said the White House was "disconnected from reality" in its optimism over the war.

"Too often we've been told and the American people have been told that we're at a turning point," Sen. JOHN MCCAIN, an Arizona Republican, said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "What the American people should have been told and should be told ... (is that) it's long; it's hard; it's tough."

"It's going to be at least a couple more years," said McCain, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Sen. CHUCK HAGEL, a NEBRASKA REPUBLICAN, was quoted by U.S. News and World Report as saying the administration's Iraq policy was failing.

"Things aren't getting better; they're getting worse. THE WHITE HOUSE IS COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED FROM REALITY," said Hagel, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee. "It's like they're just making it up as they go along."

"The reality is that we're losing in Iraq."

Chuck Hagel, people. Chuck Hagel.

Not Barbara Boxer, Chuck Hagel.

"Chuck Hagel? Meet the Right-Wing Hate Machine. Right-Wing Hate Machine? Meet Chuck Hagel."

"Have a good time, you two!"

More later...


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