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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

June Gloom


I'm way behind the times on the following story, but...fuck it, it's relevant.

"Elder Bush would like son Jeb to run for president "

Summer breeze...makes me feel fine...blowing through the jasmine in my mind!

(Always thought it was "JAZZ BAND in my mind.")
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - George Bush, the president's father, would like to see another Bush in the White House someday, saying on Tuesday that he would want his son Jeb to run for president when the timing is right.
Meaning...the next election.
Florida Governor Jeb Bush has repeatedly said he does not plan to run for president in 2008, trying to dampen speculation that another Bush could be on the next Republican ticket for the White House.
Dampen speculation?

In an interview on CNN's "Larry King Live," former President Bush said he would want Jeb to run for president "someday," but now was not the time.

"The timing's wrong. The main thing is, he doesn't want to do it. Nobody believes that," Bush said.
41 - Jeevesey?

JEEVESEY - You rang, sir?

41 - Jeevesey, call the producers of the Larry King show. Wanna talk to Lar about...about the possibility of our Jebby makin' a push for the...for the...for the --

JEEVESEY - For the White House, sir?

41 - That's it. That and...I'll take my Tom Collins now, Jeevesey.

JEEVESEY - Right away, sir.
Barbara Bush said she believed Senator and former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton would be the Democratic nominee in the 2008 presidential race. "I'm not going to vote for her, but I'm betting on her," she said.
"I'm not going to vote for her, but I'm betting on her."

Classic Barb.

Imagine if she was YOUR mother. I god.

Hate to say it, but every time she opens her mouth...I develop a little bit of sympathy for 43.

Growing up in that house? Alcohol would not have been enough.

Back to that brilliant piece in Rolling Stone: "The Crusaders - Christian evangelicals are plotting to remake America in their own image"

My favorite passage:
It helps that DOMINIONISTS have a DIRECT LINE TO THE WHITE HOUSE: The Rev. Richard Land, top lobbyist for the 16-million-member Southern Baptist Convention, enjoys a weekly conference call with top Bush advisers including KARL ROVE.

"We've got the Holy Spirit's wind at our backs!" Land declares in an arm-waving, red-faced speech. He takes particular aim at the threat posed by JOHN LENNON, denouncing "IMAGINE" as a "secular anthem" that envisions a future of "CLONE PLANTATIONS, CHILD SACRIFICE, LEGALIZED POLYGAMY and HARD-CORE PORN."

I've been trying to find more evidence of the clone plantation-thing, but keep coming up with a big fat nada.

"Coz you aren't lookin' in th' right place. Think about his home. That...apartment building. In NEW YORK. The one where Mia Farrow gave Satan's baby."

Oh my god.

Yes! Of course! The Dakota!

Wanna get filthy, stinking rich?!

First, you must travel to New York.

Then, you must get an apartment in the Dakota.

Once inside your new home...bust out the secret message from "Imagine."

Here it is:
You may say Im a dreamer,
But Im not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one.
Reverse it:
Eno sa evil lliw dlrow eht dna
Su nioj lluoy yad emos epoh I
Eno ylno eht ton mi tub
Remaerd a mi yas yam uoy
Say it out loud...10 TIMES...and B'laal will be standing...right in front of you.

Waiting for your command!

Ask wisely...and the riches of the world...will be yours!

Then...give him the kid you've snagged from Sheep's Meadow (ie, the CHILD SACRIFICE)...and B'laal (or B'aal or Belial or whatever he's calling himself these days) will be on his way.

"Strange days indeed! Most peculiar, mama. Roll!"

More later...


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