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Friday, June 10, 2005


"I'm on a highway to hell (ca-junk junk), highway to hell (ca-junk junk)..."


Lots of stuff on the UBER-Right today.

"Yes I'm going down....ay!"

Disclaimer: I wish we could remove the word "Christian" from discussions re: the uber-right - and come up with another term for the Dominionists - or the folks who want to turn the US into an Evangelical Nation - because it does sound like we're attacking EVERY Christian when we take 'em on.

And that ain't the deal.

Having said that:
Dear Tulsa Zoo,

Just following up on my request of 6/09/05 to "create" your upcoming creationism exhibit.

A few more more ideas:

FOUR, I'm gonna show how the GRAND CANYON was created - not in 4 billion years - but in 6,000 - by turning a HOSE on a giant SAND BOX.

FIVE, I'm produce a CHILDREN'S MUSICAL that will show how Adam & eve spent their early days...before they had Cain and Abel...just singing and collecting berries. And how THE GREYS brought the next wave of humans to the Earth in a giant spaceship. And how the top Masons are really descendants of an ancient race of powerful lizard-people. And how the evil Xenu defeated the Thetans and trapped their souls in the Polar Ice-Cap. And how Superman saved California from destruction by holding the San Andreas fault together.

And how Neo is currently getting his ass kicked by Agent Smith.

As long as we're talking about CREATION...why don't we show SOME DESTRUCTION? The folks who'll "flood" to the creationism exhibit would love an exhibit on the "END OF DAYS." Same crowd.


SIX, I'm thinking that we could breed a RED CALF by the exhibit's opening...and craft our own BEAST from some of the animals in the zoo.

Wink wink, nudge nudge, eh eh eh?

Sponsors? How about Wal-Mart, Domino's and Home Town Buffet.

I look forward to your comments.

Ride hard, rock free,

Hey...speaking of the Armageddon...wild interview with George Lowe, the author of "It Can Happen Here: A Fascist Christian America" on Buzzflash.
BuzzFlash: We have now a concerted effort by the Bush Administration to put onto the federal bench judges who believe that they, in essence, have a divine calling. What are the implications of this?

George E. Lowe: I explain it in my book at length, but it's simply this. They're planning to, and they almost did except for the senate's recently reached judicial filibuster compromise -- they're going to create a nation where you can change the Constitution with simple majorities, where you can pass laws with simple majorities, where you can pack the courts and thereby create a Christian nation through a simple majority vote. And put no more lifetime judges -- five years at the most. The whole thing is one of the grand coup d'etats of all time. That's what we're seeing.


BuzzFlash: You discuss in your book the nexis between the neo-con militarists LOOKING FOR WARS and the Christian fascists, who figure that the neo-cons will accelerate ARMAGEDDON because they will have a military build-up and finally employ nuclear weapons, as Bush has said he will, preemptively. The Christian fascists think, well, that's great, this is just going to accelerate Armageddon.

George E. Lowe: Exactly. And they have to have Armageddon because their doctrine won't bring Jesus back unless they have Armageddon. That's their whole point. That's why they've got to get Bush to trigger Armageddon. So they're happy to make all sorts of deals with the Likud and welcome anything that stirs up conflict. I don't know if you've read Damascus Gate,but the fact is that the Christian right wants to destroy the Dome of Omar. They don't care what happens. If we've been trampling on the Koran and putting it down the toilet or doing whatever else we did with it – wait until we, with wink or nod, allow the destruction of the Dome of Omar by crazy right-wing ultra-Orthodox extremist settlers. Wait until that happens. And the Christian right's hoping for it.

BuzzFlash: Because that would lead to a conflagration.

George E. Lowe: Of course. The Jews can't build a third temple until the Dome of Omar is off there. And the Al-Aska Mosque. They've got to get rid of that. And the Christians need that third temple because they can't put their Jesus in it to bring back the rapture church without it.
Ho hum.

It's long been my opinion that Jesus will come back when he's good and ready. If I were him, I'd wait for gas prices in California to get back to a buck sixty.


"If the Dominists get the America they're looking for...what can we expect?"


Here's the DRESS CODE from Bob Jones University...courtesy of Buzzflash.

It's a big list, and NO ABERCROMBIE & FITCH!
Student Expectations
Dress Code for Men
General Dress

* Hair must be cut in a traditional, conservative style–not shaved, spiked, tangled, or shelved. It may not be colored or highlighted.
* Sideburns should not extend past the middle of the ear. Men are expected to remain clean-shaven.
* Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are not permitted.
* Hats may not be worn indoors except in the gym.
* Men are not permitted to get tattoos or wear body piercings.

Abercrombie & Fitch and its subsidiary Hollister have shown an unusual degree of antagonism to the name of Christ and an unusual display of WICKEDNESS in their PROMOTIONS. In protest, we will not allow articles displaying their logos to be worn, carried, or displayed (even if covered or masked in some way).
I agree.

It's WICKED to promote stuff like the "Abercrombie & Fitch Football Team" and the "Abercrombie & Fitch Football Club."

Because they don't exist. So that's lying!

BTW - Women will have A LOT to worry about in "New America."
Dress Code for Women

Classroom/general dress consists of a dress or top and skirt; however, pants may be worn for some recreational activities.

Shorts may never be worn outside the residence halls and fitness center.

* Tops must be long enough that the midriff is never exposed.
* Sleeves are required. (Sleeveless tops and dresses may be worn with a blouse, jacket, or sweater.)
* Necklines may come no lower than four fingers below the collarbone.

* Hemlines and slits or other openings should never come higher than the bottom of the knee.
* Denim skirts may be worn for casual dress (not to class or other professional-type events).

* Loose-fitting pants may be worn between women's residence halls, for athletic events, and to homes in the area.
* Loose-fitting jeans may be worn between women's residence halls and when participating in activities where the durability of the fabric is important, such as skiing and ice-skating.

* All dresses, skirts, pants, and shirts must be loose-fitting, having a minimum of three inches of ease at bust and hips.
* An informal way to measure ease is to stand up straight and pinch the loose fabric on both sides of the hips or at the bust line. Without stretching the fabric, there should be at least a 3/4-inch fold of fabric on both sides.

* Sheer clothing may be worn only when the garment underneath conforms to normal dress regulations.
* Hose must be worn for all professional-type activities including class, church, and recitals.
* Combat boots, hiking boots, or shoes that give this appearance are not permitted.
* Hairstyles should be neat, orderly, and feminine. Avoid cutting-edge fads and cuts so short that they take on a masculine look.
* Students are not permitted to get tattoos. Excessive makeup is not permitted. Earrings may be worn only in the lobe of the ear (maximum of two matched sets). All other types of body piercings are prohibited.
Can you deal with that, ladies?

The dress code said nothing about concert me safe for now.

Hey, Satan! Payed my dues
Playing in a rocking band
Hey, Momma! Look at me
I'm on my way to the promised land

More later...


  • Replace 'christian' with 'Evangelical'... this should solve your problem.

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