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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Saturday Reading

A must, must, must read Harper's article from Jeff Sharlet.

"Soldiers of Christ - Inside America's most powerful megachurch"

It's more like...Colorado Springs: the New Jersalem.


One more time.


And an excerpt:
“Colorado Springs,” Jayson told me, “this particular city, this one city, is a battleground”—he paused—“between good and evil. This is spiritual Gettysburg.” Why here? I asked. He thought about it and rephrased his answer. “This place is just a watering hole for Christians. For God’s people. Something extra powerful’s about to pour out of this city. I hope not to stay in Colorado Springs, because I want to spread what’s going on here. I’m a warrior, dude. I’m a warrior for God. Colorado Springs is my training ground.”
I'll follow up on this article tomorrow.

One more article on the rightward shift/concentration of power in the GOP.

GOP Tilting Balance Of Power to the Right

Reads like a "Nation" article, but you'll find it in the Washington Post:
When Republicans won control of the House in 1994, conservatives turned an institution run by Democrats and veteran chairmen into a top-down organization that looked in some ways like the flow chart of a Fortune 500 business. The idea was to put power in the hands of a few leaders and place conservative loyalists in the most important lower-level jobs to move legislation as quickly as possible through Congress, according to current and former lawmakers.

Those who cross party leaders often pay a price, usually by losing positions of influence.


Bush created a top-down system in the White House much like the one his colleagues have in Congress. He has constructed what many scholars said amounts to a virtual oligarchy with Cheney, Karl Rove, Andrew H. Card Jr., Joshua Bolton, himself and only a few others setting policy, while he looks to Congress and the agencies mostly to promote and institute his policies.
They want it more than we do.

"As long as they don't take away my Ozz-fest 'n my Coors Light Part Ball, I'm fine."

Good for you.

More later...


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