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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Peace Attack


According to the LA Times:

"Risk of Civil War Spreads Fear Across Nation"

"Oh, what the hell do they know?! They should stick to stories about, you know, Rod Stewart sellin' his Beverly Hills home. That Lohan girl buying a home. Robert Hillburn comparing the Bright Eyes kid to Springsteen and Neil Young and Kurt Cobain. Stuff like that."

Iraqis awake each day to the sounds of violence. With little respite, many wonder whether strange, terrible forces are arrayed against them. They fear that weeks of sectarian and clan violence, claiming the lives of all types from imams to barefoot fishermen, are a prelude to civil war.


"I'm worried 24 hours a day," said Zainab Hassan, a university student majoring in computer science. "Whenever I hear bomb or shooting, I call my mother and husband to check if they're OK. I can see a civil war coming, it's obvious. Everybody is talking about it. We have to be more careful."

Interviews with Iraqis from Basra to Baghdad to Mosul suggest that much of the nation fears that intensifying strains between Sunni and Shiite Muslims could ignite a conflict that would overwhelm the increasingly unpopular Iraqi government and 140,000 U.S. troops. Abu Mohammed blames, among others, Saddam Hussein, who, even from his jail cell, seems to taunt the country.


Nearly 700 people have been killed in car bombings and by shootings and beheadings IN THE LAST MONTH. What concerns U.S. officials and ordinary Iraqis is that militant leaders such as Abu Musab Zarqawi are attempting to instigate a two-track war: one, the continuing battle between insurgents and American and Iraqi forces, and another between Shiite and Sunni Arabs that could possibly draw in Kurds from the north.


"I only want to put this question to you," said Sana Abdul-Kareem, a dentist with four children. "Why can't the U.S., with all its might and capabilities, impose security here? How come with all our oil they cannot provide us with electricity? My son was so happy when the American soldiers first came. But after two years of failure to make good on their promises, he abhors them."

Baghdad resident Ali Jalal said: "The Americans are behind these problems. They don't want the country to be stabilized…. The Iraqi government is like a doll in the hands of the Americans."

"The LA Times. Ha! How much did Ashton Kutcher sell his last house for? Huh?"


And how does the Prez feel about...all this insurgency in E-raq?
"I think they're being defeated and that's why they continue to fight. The worst thing for to see democracy."

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