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Monday, May 09, 2005

The Absolute Truth

A couple of things...

The pastor in North Carolina? The dude who removed some Kerry supporters from the congregation?

Dude claims that there's been a "great misunderstanding."


Oh there must be some misunderstanding
There must be some kind of mistake
I waited in the rain for hours
You were late
WAYNESVILLE, N.C. - Calling it a "great misunderstanding," the pastor of a small church who led the charge to remove nine members for their political beliefs tried to welcome them back Sunday, but some insisted he must leave for the wounds to heal.

The Rev. Chan Chandler didn't directly address the controversy during the service at East Waynesville Baptist Church, but issued a statement afterward through his attorney saying the church does not care about its members' political affiliations.
As long as they are Republican.
"No one has ever been voted from the membership of this church due to an individual's support or lack of support for a political party or candidate," he said.
Except for the nine members who were told that they must resign or REPENT if they voted for Kerry.
Nine members said they were ousted during a church gathering last week by about 40 others because they refused to support President Bush. They attended Sunday's service with their lawyer and many supporters.

Chandler noted their presence in his welcome to the congregation, saying, "I'm glad to see you all here. ... We are here today to worship the Lord. I hope this is what you are here for."
Obviously, "WORSHIP THE LORD" is code for "BE REPUBLICAN."

Hey, speaking of code - great article on "Being Tom DeLay" in the Washington Post today. Standard stuff; Tom is dealing with the rumors, Tom is stressed out, Tom is a fighter, yada yada.

Here's the full article.

One passage jumped out at me:
In a 2001 interview with The Washington Post, DeLay complained, "If you stand up today and acknowledge God, they will try to destroy you." His main mission in politics, he said, was "to bring us back to the Constitution and to ABSOLUTE TRUTH that has been manipulated and destroyed by a liberal worldview."

Why did that passage jump out at me? Because JEB BUSH just used the term "ABSOLUTE TRUTH." Over the weekend. During his address to Georgia Republicans at their state convention.

Check it out.

The excerpt:
Striking a MORALISTIC tone that drew loud applause, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush told Georgia Republicans at their state convention that standing for "ABSOLUTE TRUTH" on issues such as abortion will be key to the GOP's future success.

"We cannot ignore these moral issues," Bush, the convention's featured speaker, told about 1,500 Republican state officials and delegates Saturday. "If we stand strong ... Republicans in Georgia, in Florida and across the country will be on our ascendancy."

"There is such a thing as right and wrong," Bush said. "Republicans cannot continue to win unless we talk with compassion and passion about ABSOLUTE TRUTH."
Listen for that term, friends.


It's a big one.

It means, "God's law...interpreted and enforced by turbo-conservative politicians and preachers."


And if you're not down with the ABSOLUTE TRUTH?

"Well, Sister, it looks like you're up shit creek without a paddle."


"Ow! You stupid penguin!"

Can any MAN "know" the ABSOLUTE TRUTH?

Is there such a thing as the ABSOLUTE TRUTH?!


1. Maiden rules
2. Dio-era Sabbath is totally underrated
3. Van Halen was SO MUCH better with Roth
4. The Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes thing is REALLY creepy
5. "Guiness Gives You Strength"


More later...


  • "Never trust a man that doesn't like the Replacements,
    Never trust a woman that doesn't like Shonen Knife,
    And never trust ANYONE that doesn't like Patsy Cline"

    By Blogger Sumisu, at 1:52 PM  

  • "Nothing's funnier than unhappiness, I'll grant you that." -Endgame, by Samuel Beckett

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:00 PM  

  • "Never trust a man that doesn't like the Replacements,
    Never trust a woman that doesn't like Shonen Knife,
    And never trust ANYONE that doesn't like Patsy Cline"

    Oh, if only you could really live this way.... ;)

    By Anonymous Tangy Bee, at 11:53 AM  

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