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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Stoned Again

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

Afghanistan woman stoned to death

"Afghanistan? What's that?"

It's a, uh, small, insignificant country out there. Somewhere. Don't worry about it.

"I won't."
A woman has been stoned to death in Afghanistan, reportedly for committing adultery.

The killing is said to have taken place in the Urgu district of north-eastern Badakhshan province. The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission said the woman had been SENTENCED TO DEATH BY A DECREE FROM THE LOCAL RELIGIOUS SCHOLAR.

Correspondents say this is the second time a woman has been stoned to death since the ousting of the TALEBAN in 2001.

And, hey, there's the "T" word again.

Both events happened in the same area.

During the Taleban's rule, women were regularly stoned to death for adultery.
Didn't we liberate the "women of Afghanistan?"

"Who said that?"

The First Lady.

"Yeah, right. We, uh, liberated the women who live and work in the fortified area of Kabul --"

"The gals who work for the multi-nationals and stuff --"

"But not, you know, not the whole country, man. It's a big place."

I thought it was a "parking lot."

A woman is stoned to death: What year is this, anyway?

"2005. BC."

In other news:
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DeLay to Dems: "Go Fuck Yourselves"
Here's the latest:

DeLay Airfare Was Charged To Lobbyist's Credit Card

Cue SMURF themesong: "La la la la la l a, la la la la la."
The airfare to London and Scotland in 2000 for then-House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) was charged to an American Express card issued to JACK ABRAMOFF, a Washington lobbyist at the center of a federal criminal and tax probe, according to two sources who know Abramoff's credit card account number and to a copy of a travel invoice displaying that number.

DeLay's EXPENSES during the same trip for food, phone calls and other items at a golf course hotel in Scotland WERE BILLED to a different credit card also used on the trip by a SECOND registered Washington LOBBYIST, Edwin A. Buckham, according to receipts documenting that portion of the trip.
Totally legal, right?

"If you've accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior."

But...I' Catholic. We don't do that.

"Then you shouldn't worry about being a United States Congressman."

I won't.

More later...


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