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Saturday, April 02, 2005


Good morning, Captain, won't you come on out and play?

"Religious Charities in 10 States Get $1B"

WASHINGTON - Religious charities in 10 states got 40 percent of the $2 BILLION in taxpayer money available to groups deemed "FAITH-BASED" by the White House in 2004, according to figures the White House provided Thursday to The Associated Press.
How much we spending in Iraq each month?
The president says religious organizations often do a better job of serving the poor and meeting other social needs. Unable to win passage of legislation to accomplish his goal, BUSH has BYPASSED CONGRESS and made MORE TAXPAYER MONEY available to such groups through executive orders and regulations.

According to the White House figures, grants of more than $100 million for religious groups went to New York, Illinois and California. The other states rounding out the top 10 were New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia and Ohio.
I wonder if the CHURCH of Scient*logy got some cash from the Bushies?

"I hope they did."

Ditto. The "Psychiatry Kills" Museum on Sunset could use a new coat of paint.

"And the Author Services building at Hollywood and Orange."


Here's the latest (from the LA Times) on my main man CURVEBALL, the Iraqi "chemical engineer" who MADE UP the excuse we used to bomb the bejesus out of Iraq.

"Curveball Debacle Reignites CIA Feud"

Of course.
WASHINGTON — A bitter feud erupted Friday over claims by a presidential commission that top CIA officials apparently ignored warnings in late 2002 and early 2003 that an informant code-named "Curveball" — the CHIEF SOURCE of prewar U.S. intelligence about Iraqi germ weapons — was unreliable.

Former CIA Director George J. Tenet and his chief deputy, John E. McLaughlin, furiously denied that they had been told not to trust Curveball, an Iraqi refugee in Germany who ultimately was proved a fraud.
I'm gonna stop it right here.

SO WHAT?! That ain't the story! The REAL story is buried in paragraph one, and here it is:

"The CHIEF SOURCE of prewar U.S. intelligence about Iraqi germ weapons was unreliable." And a CRAZY DRUNK. And "ultimately proved a fraud." (See yesterday's post.)


Unfortunately, The Man is spinning the story, protecting the Bushies, and setting up Tenet "et al" to take the fall for this disaster.
The CIA's internal battles over Curveball were revealed Thursday in a scathing report by a PRESIDENTIAL COMMISION examining U.S. intelligence on Iraq and other key targets.
Which will find that the Bushies were responsible for NOTHING.
The Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency, which handled Iraqi refugees in Germany, furnished the engineer with the Curveball code-name. He soon began providing technical drawings and detailed information indicating that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein secretly had built lethal germ factories on trains and trucks.


A group of American and German INTELLIGENCE OFFICIALS are standing around CURVEBALL, the key DIA informant, who is sitting at an easel and drawing furiously.

An American official tops off Curveball's giant glass of Chivas: Curveball is hammered.

AMERICAN OFFICIAL - And the main chemical lab is...where?

CURVEBALL - (drunk) - In th' ca-boose. Ca-BOOZE! Ha!

AMERICAN OFFICIAL - Can you draw it?

CURVEBALL - You fuggin' know it, dawg. Choo choo!

AMERICAN OFFICIAL - How much...chemicals can that lab make?

CURVEBALL - (indicating) This much. No, this much. No --

Curveball falls out of his chair.


More later...


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