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Friday, April 29, 2005

Magic Johnson's TGIFriday's


Folks in Denver is gittin' learned on th' ways o' the Preznint an' th' Secret Service, 'coz three fine upstandin' citizens were yanked from a Bush event back on March 21, yo.

By someone who was pretendin' to be a Secret Service dude.

Today, readers of the Rocky Mountain News learned the following:

"White House weighs in on ouster - Bush aide: Belief someone plans to disrupt is enough"

"Damn straight!"

Here goes:
The White House said Wednesday that SIMPLY A BELIEF that someone intends to disrupt a presidential event is enough to get the person removed.
One more time:
The White House said Wednesday that SIMPLY A BELIEF that someone intends to disrupt a presidential event is enough to get the person removed.
Um, what would lead one to BELIEVE that someone was abou to disrupt a meeting?

"Well, one: start with their outfit. If someone is not wearing Abercrombie, or khaki's, or loafers, or an oxford cloth, or a red tie...well...that's a decent indication that they are not a Republican. Two: if they're not white...that's a pretty good indication. And three: hair. If someone is not blonde, or you can't describe their hair as 'short and neat,' or not wearing a toupee...well, sir...that's a pretty good indication that they're about to disrupt the event."

"They gotta have the Christ-fish on the back of their car."

Addressing the ouster of three people from a presidential speech last month in Denver, Press secretary Scott McClellan said Wednesday, "If we think people are coming to the event to disrupt it, obviously, they're going to be asked to leave."

The White House press office did not return calls seeking elaboration on McClellan's remarks, which were made during the daily press briefing.

Since the incident March 21, White House spokesmen have repeatedly refused to say whether the man who forcibly removed the three in Denver, BECAUSE OF A BUMPER STICKER, was following White House policy.

McClellan would respond only by saying that A VOLUNTEER thought they "were coming to the event to disrupt it."

Unlike campaign events, which are deemed private and therefore could legally limit protesters, Bush's Social Security speech at the Wings over the Rockies Museum was an official White House EVENT FUNDED BY THE TAXPAYERS.
Which is, um, the nation's largest non-partisan group.
It was open to any member of the public who obtained a ticket from Congressman Bob Beauprez.
Meaning, it was open to any member of the public who was a card-carrying Republican.
Because it was a PUBLIC EVENT, considerable debate has erupted over whether it was legal to bar people over their political speech.

The controversy started when Alex Young, Karen Bauer and Leslie Weise, members of the political activist group Denver Progressives, were bounced from the event by a man who looked and acted like a Secret Service agent.

The three say they were told by the Secret Service in Denver that the man admitted to ousting them solely because they arrived in a car bearing a "No more blood for oil" BUMPER STICKER.

The Secret Service is investigating the man on possible criminal charges of impersonating a Secret Service agent.

He was wearing a dark suit, earpiece and lapel pin.
Brilliant. Good move.
The White House and the Secret Service know the man's name but have declined to reveal it.
You're kidding.
The White House has described him only as a volunteer.

Dan Recht, an attorney for the three, calls their removal a violation of their First Amendment rights, because they were punished even though they had done nothing inappropriate. McClellan's repeated statements that the three have "acknowledged that they were coming to the event to disrupt it," as he put it on Wednesday, also have raised questions from reporters about what constitutes disruption in the White House view.

The three said they considered, and rejected, showing T-shirts with the slogan "Stop the Lies." They have denied any intent to make noise or disrupt the event.
Folks, that is life in Bushworld.

Bush's public appearances have been controlled from DAY 1: Tons of tax paying citizens have been "removed" from Bush events by a mix of local police, Secret Service dudes and "over-zealous" Republican volunteers. Plus, they've been using the excuse of "9/11" to construct "free speech zones" outside of these events, so they can "legally" place non-Republicans a half a mile from the president.

Sadly, few have qustioned these moves...because most folks believe that they have the right to exclude ANYONE WHO IS NOT THEM from the process.

These stories, which are often found in LOCAL papers after the BUSH events, have been ignored by ABCNBCCBSFOXCNNMSNBC.

Spineless bastards all.

More later...


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