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Monday, April 11, 2005

$100,000 Golf

Superior article on the Jack Abramoff - Lobbying Scandal (and the continued saga of Tom DeLay) in the NY Times today:

"Inquiry on Lobbyist Casts a Shadow in Congress"

WASHINGTON, April 10 - Jack Abramoff, one of Washington's most powerful and best-paid lobbyists, needed $100,000 in a hurry.

Mr. Abramoff, known to envious competitors as "Casino Jack" because of his multimillion-dollar lobbying fees from the gambling operations of American Indians, wrote to a Texas tribe in June 2002 to say that a member of Congress had "asked if we could help (as in cover) a Scotland golf trip for him and some staff" that summer. "The trip will be quite expensive," Mr. Abramoff said in the e-mail message, estimating that the bills "would be around $100K or more." He added that in 2000, "We did this for another member - you know who."
That "you kow who" is Tom DeLay. alledgedly.

Quick question - and maybe a golfer can answer this: What kind of golfing vacation goes for A HUNDRED GRAND?!

"Um, one that involves about five six "$10,000 a night girls?"

Mr. Abramoff did not explain why the tribe should pay for the lavish trip, nor did he identify the congressmen by name. But a tribe spokesman has since testified to Congress that the 2002 trip was organized for Representative Bob Ney, an Ohio Republican and chairman of the House Administration Committee, and that "you know who" was a much more powerful Republican, Tom DeLay of Texas, the House majority leader and old friend of Mr. Abramoff's. Both lawmakers have said they believed that the trips complied with House travel rules.
The e-mail message of June 7, 2002, is part of a mountain of evidence gathered in recent months by the Justice Department, the Interior Department and two Senate committees in influence-peddling and corruption investigations centered on Mr. Abramoff, a former college Republican campaigner turned B-movie producer turned $750-an-hour Washington super-lobbyist.

Disclosures about Mr. Abramoff and the grand jury investigation in Washington have come at an especially awkward time for Mr. DeLay, who is facing scrutiny by a state grand jury in Texas that has indicted two of his chief political operatives, including the director of his political action committee, on charges of illegal fund-raising. Mr. DeLay has blamed Democrats and the "liberal media" for stirring up old - and, he says, discredited - ethics accusations against him.
"I bet, if they looked hard enough, that the liberal media - and George Soros - brainwashed these fine upstanding men into taking the golfing trips."

In the House, several Republicans have been forced to explain why they and their senior staff members accepted gifts from Mr. Abramoff, including the use of his skyboxes at Washington sports arenas, trips to the Super Bowl, and meals at Signatures, Mr. Abramoff's restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue.
Do we know if Signatures is any good? Gonna check the DC Zagat Guide.
Mr. DeLay played golf with Mr. Abramoff at St. Andrews Links in Scotland in 2000 as part of a $70,000 trip that included Mr. DeLay's wife and staff. The trip was paid for by a conservative group close to Mr. Abramoff, who was once described by Mr. DeLay as being among his "closest and dearest friends."
I wonder if DeLay is describing Abramoff as one of his "closest and dearest friends" today?

"Probably not."

Probably not .

More later...


  • Because this information is crucial: Signatures is supposed to be quite good (and pricey), and a D.C. power spot. Apparently their macaroni and cheese ~fancy style, with mushrooms~ is quite good.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:38 PM  

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