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Saturday, March 05, 2005

What a Guy


The headline from the New York Times:

"Army Officials Voice Concern Over Shortfall in Recruitment"

You're kidding.
WASHINGTON, March 3 - The Army is so short of new recruits that for first time in nearly five years it failed in February to fill its monthly quota of volunteers sent to boot camp. Army officials called it the latest ominous sign of the Iraq war's impact on the military's ability to enlist fresh troops.

"We're very concerned about it," Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday when asked about recruiting shortfalls in the active-duty Army and Army Reserve.
Fine. Army recruitment down. Duh.

But that's not the problem, according to Larry Di Rita:
Top Pentagon officials acknowledged that the graphic images of casualties from Iraq and the obvious danger of serving there had caused many parents to advise their children to avoid joining the military now.

"That's a factor, that we're a nation at war," Lawrence Di Rita, the chief Pentagon spokesman, told reporters on Thursday. "If it's a young kid who's in high school and contemplating his future, what are his parents advising him?"

Mr. Di Rita added, "I mean, without question, when there's the kind of coverage that there has been about casualties - and we certainly mourn all the casualties, but they are covered, there's prominent media coverage of casualties in Iraq - parents factor those kinds of things in to what they want their children doing."
Cogito ergo sum, it's the media's fault, stupid.


No more images of dead soldiers or dudes in wheelchairs.

If you can do that, everything will be peaches and cream.

And "parents" won't have to "advise" Johnny that he might die if he goes to Iraq.

'Coz they won't know about other soldiers gettin' killed.

Plus, if you guys can increase the amount of time "parents" are watching "American Idol" and coverage of the Michael Jackson thing? They'll totally forget about the war, and won't be able to "advise" Johnny about anything.

More later...

More later...


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