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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Time to Lawyer Up

The big story today --

"The Senate votes to rip up Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to look for a few barrels of oil?"

No --

"Euros dismayed at Bush's pick for World Bank Prez (Paul "Iraq's oil reserves will pay for the war" Wolfowitz)?"

No --

"Congressional committee shuts down a possible investigation into the Jeff Gannonguckert-White House-fake news-sex for cash thing?"


Ex-'Idol' Hires Clay's Lawyer

Praise Jesus!

From Roger friedman's column on (Can you believe it?)
"Personal reasons" be damned. The secret is out (and so is the album).

Mario Vazquez, the guy who suddenly quit "American Idol" last week, has been "Clayed," or should I say, "Aiwakened?"

He's hired former "Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken's high-powered record-industry lawyer.

Vazquez, I've learned, has gotten Atlanta entertainment lawyer Jess L. Rosen to represent him. Coincidentally — or not, depending on how you look at it — Rosen is most famous for extricating Aiken from his octopus-tentacled "American Idol" management contract with Simon Fuller's 19 Entertainment last year.

In leaving the show, Vasquez was obviously convinced of the value of bowing out now rather than continuing through the needless process of competition. Aiken would be his role model.

After losing "American Idol" to Ruben Studdard, Aiken realized that he was stuck with a management contract that kept him with Fuller, the show's owner, for years to come at a very high commission.

Rosen got him out of it and moved him over to Jeff Kwatinetz's behemoth agency, The Firm.

The result is that there is now nary a mention of the lovable, Barry Manilow-like Aiken on the "American Idol" Web site, except for unflattering pictures of him in his pre-makeover nerd days. Ouch!

So I guess it's fairly clear that Mario's "personal reasons" were specifically about the money he could make if he bolted the show before being indebted to them legally and financially for a couple of years.
Good luck.

Now...about that ANWR thing:

"Senate vote means ANWR drilling could start this year"

Praise the Lord!
WASHINGTON - The United States Senate has taken a major step towards allowing drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The Senate voted 51-49 on Wednesday to stop opponents from removing a provision from next year's budget allowing drilling in the refuge. That means opponents cannot use a filibuster to block attempts to open ANWR to oil exploration and drilling.
"What does that have to do with American Idol?"

Absolutely nothing.

More later...


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