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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Holy Sh*t


Terri has left the building - may she rest in peace.

Methinks we've just avoided a disaster of Biblical proportions...far worse than dogs and cats living together. Here we go:

"Norm Olson: Parents' lawyer thwarted plan to send MILITIAS to aid Terri Schiavo"

Uh oh.

This is THE most f*cked up story I've read in a long time (excuse my French), and comes to us from the Petoskey News Review.


Petoskey is so far up north in's practically next to Santa's Village:
Norm Olson, senior adviser to the MICHIGAN MILITIA and PASTOR of a strong right-to-life church in WOLVERINE, said Tuesday he had put together an unarmed coalition of state militias that were PREPARED TO STORM THE FLORIDA HOSPICE where Terri Schiavo has been left to die, and TAKE HER TO A SAFE HOUSE.
What year is this?


That's what I thought. Sorry.
Olson said he needed only the OK from Schiavo's father, Robert Schindler, either directly or through his attorney David Gibbs, to put the plan, called "OPERATION RESURRECTION," into action on Sunday.

"Isn't that the title of the new Judas Priest record?"

No. ("Angel of Retribution.")
But Olson said Gibbs contacted the FBI instead of passing his message on to Schindler.

Olson said the FBI had been monitoring e-mails within militia groups and on Tuesday, March 29, sent an agent from Traverse City to his home in Alanson and other agents to militia leaders in the South to question them about the plan.
Olson said that last Thursday he phoned Gibbs' secretary with a message that he had organized 1,500 to 2,000 MILITIA MEMBERS from Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and Michigan, who were ready to remove Schiavo from the hospice and take her in a convoy to a safe house.

Olson said he never was able to speak directly to the Schindlers or Gibbs.
You're kidding.
"Gibbs probably told the Schindlers not to get the militia involved. That's why Schindler came out with statement that he did not want any civil disobedience. Now they're begging for someone to do something, but it's too late," Olson said.

Olson said the militias needed time to arrange for an AMBULANCE, MEDICAL SUPPORT STAFFand a SAFEHOUSE before the plan could be put into action.
I wonder which militia was gonna provide the medical support staff? The dudes from Texas, or the dudes from Mississippi?
"WE WOULD HAVE OVERWHELMED THE LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT," Olson said, adding the militias would not have been armed.
So nice of them.

I mean...where do's i'm...I'm trying to wrap my brain...I mean...what the...what the...WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE?! HAVE WE LOST OUR COLLECTIVE MIND?!

More psychobabble from Olson:
"We were just going to push people out of the way. It was the mood and the heartbeat of America," he said.

"In reality there are four branches of government in America, and we the people are the fourth. That's what our march was going to do: Show the American people that we were still in control. We the people are the final judges, not the BLACK-ROBED DEMONS. I do not believe that 70 percent of the American people thought it was wrong for government to get involved. They turned around when they believed Terri Schiavo's was a lost cause and wanted to be on the winning side. America has lost hope because, where there's life there's hope, but it is the BLACK-ROBED DEVILS who are deciding who lives and dies."
Again, the wing-nut anti-judge thing.

"Didn't we point out Jerry Falwell's obsession with black-robed demons yesterday?"


"Rush and Sean hate the black-robed devils, too, don't they?"


Here's a smattering of e-mails (as seen in the Petoskey News-Review) that Olson whipped off to his fellow militiamen:
Wednesday, March 23:

"Are there militia in Florida who are willing to go rescue Terri?
"How about Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana?
"I've got some very angry Michigan militia folks chomping at the bit ..."

"It's time for us to say: 'Let's Roll!"
Thursday, March 24:

"Florida Militia: Please contact me. We're going to need several hundred willing to storm the building. I suspect that hundreds of 'civilians' may go with us. There is very little time, but I've got people ready to roll tonight.

"It isn't a commando raid or sneak attack. It is a mass saturation of people able to overwhelm the minimal forces there at this time."

"A large scale military assault need not be bloody. As much as we might like to, care must be taken to avoid inflicting injury on the bad guys."

Please read the full article, written by Fred Gray. (Good job, dude.)

More later...


  • And they let these people keep their guns, let alone buy them?

    Let's roll!?! - they think Florida is Afghanistan?

    By Blogger antic, at 8:34 AM  

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