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Monday, March 21, 2005

Good Strategy

Here's the headline from today's UK Independent:

"US frees Iraqi kidnappers so they can spy on insurgents - Americans undermining local police attempts to crack down on wave of abductions"

Good strategy.
US intelligence and military police officers in Iraq are routinely freeing dangerous criminals in return for a promise to spy on insurgents, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

In one case where the IoS has seen documents, police rescued a doctor after a gun battle with his kidnappers and arrested two of the kidnap gang, who made full confessions. But US military police took over custody of the two men and let them go. The doctor had to flee to Egypt after being threatened by the gang.

"The Americans are allowing the breakdown of Iraqi society because they are only interested in fighting the insurgency," said a senior Iraqi police officer. "We are dealing with an epidemic of kidnapping, extortion and violent crime, but even though we know the Americans monitor calls on mobiles and satellite phones, which are often used in ransom negotiations, they will not pass on any criminal intelligence to us. They only want to use the information against insurgents.

An Iraqi government source confirmed that criminal suspects were often released if they agreed to inform on insurgents, despite the dangers to ordinary Iraqis.



Two Iraqi criminals, TAL & MANSOOR, are sitting together in a crowded jail cell.

TAL - Where did we go wrong, man?

MANSOOR - We used the doctor's credit cards too quickly.

TAL -Yeah.

MANSOOR - And we got drunk in the Green Zone.

TAL - Stupid, stupid, stupid.

MANSOOR - No more of this Mickey mouse-kidnapping doctors-bullshit for me, man. The real money comes from blowing up Humvees. Am I right?

TAL - You are right.

An Iraqi POLICEMAN appraoches the cell; he holds up a giant set of keys.

IRAQI POLICEMAN - Cousin Tal! You two are gettin' released, man.

TAL - Get the fuck out of here!

IRAQI POLICEMAN - Truth, dawg. There's just one catch...



Tal and Mansoor listen closely as an UNIDENTIFIED US MILITARY REPRESENTATIVE makes the case for their freedom.

USMR - We need you guys on the streets. Using your criminal brains to infiltrate the insurgency.

POLICEMAN IRAQI - You know who they are.


TAL - Let me get this straight. You want us to rat on the dudes who are blowing up your Humvees --

MANSOOR - And shooting American soldiers and stuff like that --

USMR - In return for your freedom.

IRAQI POLICEMAN - Plus, they'll drop these bullshit kidnapping charges.

USMR - Right.


TAL - Sounds good to me, man.


TAL - Let's do it.

USMR - Great. This is good. But, I'm telling you, we'll be watching. You fuck with us, you'll be back in here faster than you can say, "Uday and Kusay."

TAL - Oh, yeah, yeah, man. No problems. You can trust us.

MANSOOR - We can get you lots of names.

TAL - Just put us back on the streets.

MANSOOR - Where we can do some good.

USMR - Okay then.

The men shake hands and we...



Tal and Mansoor are donning their insurgent gear. Mansoor grabs a rocket launcher and hands it to Tal.

MANSOOR - Quick. Let's go get some "insurgents."

TAL - Done and done, son. I hear there's a truck filled with "insurgents" on it's way out of the Green Zone. Leaves in five minutes.

MANSOOR - What are we waiting for?

Tal and Mansoor pull there masks over their faces and we...

CUT TO more later...


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