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Friday, March 04, 2005

And All the Driving is Free

Great news from Yahoo Bidness:

"Oil prices could hit 80 dollars in next two years: OPEC"

KUWAIT CITY (AFP) - Prices of crude oil could surge to as high as 80 dollars a barrel within the next two years but such a level would not last long, OPEC (news - web sites)'s acting secretary general was quoted as saying.

"I can affirm that the price of a barrel of crude oil rising to 80 dollars in the near future is a weak possibility," Adnan Shehab-Eldin told Kuwait's Al-Qabas newspaper.
And I can affirm that the cost of cheap grade unleaded is $2.33 at the Mobil on the corner of Sunset & Fairfax.
"But I cannot rule out (the possibility) of oil prices rising to 80 dollars a barrel within the next two years," he said on Thursday.
But I can rule out the possibility that the price of gas will ever go below two dollars in SoCal.
"If the oil price rises to this level for one reason or another -- for example, interruption of supplies from a producing nation by one to two million barrels a day -- it is not expected to continue for long," he said.

Ever wonder if Cheney has a "spike the price!" button in his office?
New York's main contract, light sweet crude for delivery in April, fell 20 cents to 52.85 dollars a barrel in electronic dealing.

It had jumped 1.37 dollars to close at 53.05 dollars a barrel on Wednesday, the highest close since October 26.
I'm selling the Jeep Cherokee. For sure. ($3,400. 1996 Cherokee Sport. 80k miles.)

Here's a great quote: "The greatest thing to come out of THIS for the world economy, if you could put it that way, would be $20 a barrel for oil."

That was Rupert Murdoch...right BEFORE the start of the war in Iraq. A war that FOX wanted...real bad.


Good times.

More later...


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