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Saturday, February 19, 2005


The quote of the week comes from Karl "The Architect" Rove. Dude spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference this past week, which is an annual gathering of conservative pundits, pollsters, lobbyists, advertisers, and other assorted right-wing nutjobs.

As attributed to The Boy Genius by The Washington Post:
WASHINGTON - Karl Rove, President Bush's top political strategist, on Thursday pronounced conservatism the "dominant political creed in America" and coached fellow conservatives on how to support his boss.

"The next time one of your smartypants liberal friends says to you, `Well, he didn't have a mandate,' you tell him of this delicious fact: This president got a higher percentage of the vote than any Democratic candidate for president since 1964," Rove said.
SMARTYPANTS liberal friends.


SMARTYPANTS liberal friends.

We've been called a lotta things before (commies, pinkos, faggots), but "smartypants?"

Ouch. That's low.

Here's a list of important historical figures who've used the word SMARTYPANTS in a complete sentence:
Barney Rubble, Dudley Do-Right, Fozzy bear, Snagglepuss, Witchypoo, Velma, Sigmund the Sea Monster, Elmo, Heatmeiser, Josie OF the Pussycats, Honk Kong Fooey, Burger Chef & Jeff, Tennesee Tuxedo, Fozzy Bear, Underdog, Moe the Bartender, Mushmouth, the Grimace, Penelope Pitstop, Boo Boo, the Grape Ape, the Pillsbury Doughboy, and Fozzy Bear.
"What company!"

Any other "delicious" facts out there?

1,475 soldiers dead since the start of this war. (At least, that's what the Pentagon tells us.)

But don't worry 'bout that, Karl. You just keep pushing that "domnant political creed." Everything else will just sort itself out.

"We smartypants liberals outta just start killing ourselves."


Here's another quote:
"You dick!" - Jeff Spiccoli
More later...


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