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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Required Reading

If you're not familiar with "Gannon-gate," you can get up to speed at The Daily Kos.

This is such an important story.

Quickly - seems that Jeff Gannon, a White House press reporter for "Talon News," is a COMPLETE FAKE. A number of devoted bloggers have figured out that Gannon (not his real name) simply writes turbo-GOP/turbo-Bush pieces for a "news organization" that gets its funding from...the Radical-Right. And players in the GOP.

"Gannon" has also been a "go-to-guy" for WH Press Sec. Scott McClellan; McClellan will simply call on "Gannon" when he gets sick of answering questions from actual reporters.

Long story short - "Jeff Gannon" is a plant. We'll see if the money trail heads back to the Bushies.

Click on the links to Atrios and Media Matters for more info.

BTW - "Jeff Gannon" retired today.

"Jeff Gannon" is also linked to the following websites;,, and

No joke.

One more thing. Here's a neat example of a Jeff Gannon article: Kerry Could Become First Gay President

Now, the above mentioned matter brings me to this phenomenal article on the rise of the Right Wing media machine.


Key excerpt:
The story of the conservative rise that Stein portrays begins back in the early 1970s, when there was panic among conservatives, especially in corporate boardrooms, that capitalism was under serious attack, and something drastic had to be done about it. The National Chamber of Commerce asked Lewis Powell, a former head of the American Bar Association and member of 11 corporate boards, to write a blueprint of what had to be done. The result, says Stein, is one the most prescient documents of our time. The memo lays out the framework, the goals and the ingredients for the conservative revolution that has gained momentum and power ever since.

Two months after penning the memo, then-President Richard M. Nixon appointed Powell, a Democrat, to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Powell told the conservatives that they needed to confront liberalism everywhere and needed a "scale of financing only available through a joint effort" focused on an array of principles including less government, lower taxes, deregulation and challenging the left agenda everywhere. The conservative right, starting with seed money from the Coors Brewing family and Richard Mellon Scaife's publishing enterprise, moved forward to implement virtually every element of the Powell memo. It is a story of how the conservatives – in spite of political differences, ego, and competing priorities – were able to cooperate and develop a methodology that drives their issues and values relentlessly.
Control the media, and you control the message.



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